Follow Me to Salvation: From Dust Review (Just Press Start)

From Just Press Start:

"At first glance From Dust is an absolutely beautiful game that, in the beginning, makes you wish you were some place that had warm sandy beaches and drinks with little umbrellas. Seriously, after you finish the first tutorial mission you come out on this island that you just want to run away to and enjoy a nice relaxing vacation."

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limewax2686d ago

Good review, I totally agree that a sandbox mode would really make this game fantastic. Personally I would have mentioned more on how the naturally evolving landscape can be as enjoyable as it is a setback in some levels, As the way the three major elements react to each other is rather impressive. The general physics overall are of a very high standard for any game let alone a digital download

Xeserox2685d ago

Thanks for the feedback!

As for the naturally evolving landscape... i guess it can be enjoyable, if you want to wipe your villages out! ;)