Nintendo Apple Combination 'Would Be Force to be Reckoned With'

Nintendo's stock has had a precipitous drop in the last few years. Back in the 2007-2008 timeframe, Nintendo shares were trading in the 60-70 range. As of right now, it's down to 19.01. It's at a six-year low following a sudden 3DS price cut and a big reduction in annual profit forecast. If the trajectory continues, it'll be back down to Gamecube like levels, trading at 15 or below, and the question has to be asked: Will Nintendo become an acquisition target?

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fluffydelusions2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

PLEASE NO. I don't want to see an iNintendo with yearly rehases, proprietary USB cables, & starting at $499 for 8gb model and $599 for 16gb model.

handheldwars22631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Nintendo is already a force to be reckoned with. It is the largest video-game maker in the world!

donniebaseball2631d ago

Haha. Well, it would finally mean NIntendo supported mobile and tablets in a real way.

LOGICWINS2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

@fluffy- Does it really matter? It's not like ull be forced at gun point to buy Nintendo/Apple products if they ever do see the light of day.

fatstarr2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

my god i would just quit gaming.

I Hate apple with a passion
I love Nintendo with a passion//

Nintendo does their own thing and they have survived for years.

people jump to the highest conclusions....

if it ever happened id take out the biggest loan ever to buy it myself....

but nintendo aint no pushover, they have money
they are one of the biggest small companies in the world in terms of fields of industry they participate in.

they have franchises worth millions and billions.
they are good the stupid decisions they make worries me though.