Tekken X Street Fighter boss explains plan for making SF work in 3D, worryingly doesn't have one

So yeah, Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken is looking good. Namco-Bandai's Tekken X Street Fighter retort? Not so much at the moment. Obviously the rival 3D follow-up is launching much later and is still in early pre-production, but a few glaring questions need to be answered before things can really crack on. Chief amongst them is the one pertaining to just how the hell fireballs are going to work in a 3D environment, against characters who can just step around them. Well Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada has finally addressed the issue. His answer? Read On.

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waltyftm2658d ago

"Obviously, the Street Fighter characters will have to have their fireballs. Ryu without a fireball just wouldn’t be…right."


Peaceful_Jelly2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

The new Ryu looks like a Yakuza. lol

Optical_Matrix2658d ago

I don't know how it's gonna work but who knows. Lets hope they can deliver.

EVO-OM3GA2657d ago

Street fighter has proven it can work in 3D "Street Fighter EX" Series Im just wondering if Namco are going to keep there supers as simple as the Tekken characters or have them over the top like in the Street Fighter series.

Im more looking forward to seeing how Street Fighter characters turn out on Namcos engine.

Gran Touring2657d ago

Im not saying Street Fighter can or can't work in 3D, but the EX series was pretty bad bro.

DeleteThisxx2657d ago

I'd be willing to bet that they cancel this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.