id: People getting sick of modern combat. Also, consoles are slow, Rage mod tools coming at launch

So if you've read Gamesradars hands-on with id's Rage from yesterday , you'll know that it's looking good. Very very good, in fact. But that knowledge isn't all we came away from that preview day with. Oh no. We've also acquired some words with id Creative Director Tim Willits. And he said some rather interesting things, in regards to Rage's chances of success, the generic, formulaic, misguided state of shooters in general, and how consoles really stack up against PC hardware (clue: they're slower, and not just in the ways you'd think)

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LOGICWINS2727d ago

"People getting sick of modern combat."

MW3 and BF3 pre-orders say otherwise. Both games are currently gaining more pre-orders(and at a faster rate) than their previous iterations.

Solid_Snake-2727d ago

agreed. the way things are going modern combat wont die down any time soon.

still i would take a world war 2 game any day of the era ever.

LOGICWINS2727d ago

"agreed. the way things are going modern combat wont die down any time soon."

Agreed. Although I personally don't prefer modern combat shooters anymore. World at War was the only COD game I can say that I deeply enjoyed. Haven't played Black Ops yet.

SilentNegotiator2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

RAGE's gunplay looks incredibly slow. If they think that they've made a big stride over modern warfare games by slowing everything down or having about the same speed (depending on what title we're discussing) and having fewer enemies at a time, well...

And the AI doesn't look anything spectacular, either.

Ultimately, this game has pretty graphics, an 'open world' of lots of corridors, and 'RPG elements' and that's all a game really seems to need to get lots of attention these days.

And, no, I'm not defending Modern Warfare type titles. In fact, the opposite. But all I see here is a slow shooter with more "realistic" type lead-plated-slow shooting, albeit with a few unique weapons. Not the solution to generic shooters.

caboose322727d ago

Thats why we still get Red Orchestra 2 my friend.

It's gonna be an awesome break from all these modern games lately.

BeastlyRig2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Maybe they mean desert combat..

SkullBlade1692727d ago

I personally am getting sick of modern combat, but sadly I appear to be in the minority.

We need more arena style FPS games such as the old Quake & Unreal Tournament games.

trainsinrdr2727d ago

You let your nostalgia get in the way of your opinion.
Put it this way if arena style games were the big thing at the minute and todays modern games were actually a thing of the past what would you prefer?

pr0digyZA2727d ago

You'd be interested in hard reset then check it out.

Persistantthug2727d ago

COD is really a nothing but a modern day (current day) arena style FPS.

SkullBlade1692727d ago

Yeah, but for me its more about the style of the game. I don't find these games which attempt to look realistic visually appealing at all. I love modern games such as Team Fortress 2 and Serious Sam HD. I just don't find the graphical style (or realistic weapons) of these games interesting at all, I simply prefer non-realistic based games.

Plus, I hate the idea of the DLC which these games involve, would rather just have the custom map editors and community maps which are present in older games and Valve games.

And I had a quick look at Hard Reset, it does look interesting I will have to look some more into it, thanks. :)

256bit2727d ago

praises xbox but says consoles are slow. so which is it carmack?

palaeomerus2727d ago

It's an interview with Tim Willets.

vickers5002727d ago

Modern combat/warfare seems to be the new WW2. What I want to see is crazy out of this world weapons, weapons that look like they were custom made (like that sniper rifle that Doc uses in Back to the Future, that looked badass).

Devs need to get more creative with weapon design.

meetajhu2727d ago

I completely agree with id. MW3 are like bots attack you and running towards you feels so cheap. Rage will be the best FPS this year

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