Transformers Universe Exclusive New Trailer

The new Transformers Universe MMO is on its way and there will even be a big event at the Comic Con in NYC which there was one at the Sad Diego one as well. This years NYC Comic Con is this October and you can expect full coverage from Check out the exclusive teaser trailer below.

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bifuteki2635d ago

Now I want to know is how open the game will be and how many different styles can you use in the game as in vehicle modes?

Solid_Snake-2634d ago

good question. i am still keeping an eye out on it.

bifuteki2634d ago

Cause I am pro Autobot and I would definitely like to be mentored under Ironhide which would be badass.

waltyftm2634d ago

Really looking forward to this, i hope it is G1, and having it along the same lines as DCUO, would be great having Optimus or Grimlock joining you fighting Megatron or Shockwave.

Aussie_Gamer2634d ago

Jagex? Arn't they the Dev behind Runescape?

Awsome trailer. Yeah I wonder if its G1, I'm gunna guess and say it is, based on the art style of the games title.

I just hope the combat is in realtime, like war For Cybertron. The controls in that game were great, imo.

Reborn2634d ago

Yeah, they are the ones behind Runescape.

Still need to wait for more on this.

Magnus2634d ago

I hope its based on G1 and not based on the movie I just hope Activision does not nickel and dime people to death.

Eromu2634d ago

Uhh... Activision isn't even involved in it.

aPerson2634d ago

For those wondering, the game is set in the same universe as the new cartoon show, 'Transformers Prime'.