1.8 Billion Multiplayer Character Combinations For Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

THQ have announced that Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine will have a huge number of character variations

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TomInc2631d ago

Seeing that number instantly reminded me of Brink. I think customisation like this is perfect for multiplayer diversity.

Grimhammer002631d ago

I just watched the 3-4 mp vids on youtube.....i'm getting the collectors edition. No way is this not getting day 1'd!

I only wished they had taken it further with customization...add purity seals, fur cloths for space wolves, iron warriors wrench arm etc.

-wher's the powerfists?
-Lascannon is to small....but i like that better.
-deathwatch armour should be an unlock for beating game!

lastly.....terminator squad for a horde style mode would rock!

MrDead2631d ago

I want a list of every combination.

Breadisgood2631d ago

I think it's a bit weird that you can mix colour schemes from different chapters. Like having an Ultramine with Blood Angels shoulder pads.

I'm all for customization but that just seems a bit daft imo, and likely only an option so they can say they have 1.8 billion character combinations. Different coloured knees doesn't really cut it for me sorry.

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