Spanish for Everyone likely to teach Spanish to no one

After seeing the epic storyline in Activision's Spanish For Everyone, gamers have been waiting to see how the gameplay would stack up. Well, the examples of gameplay don't disappoint, in that they do disappoint. So Spanish For Everyone is not only offensive, it's also pretty much useless as a language teacher, as it just dumps words on the gamer with minimal instruction and no attempt to help commit them to memory.

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Syko4089d ago

LMAO, Approved on the strength of the title alone.

Surprised Activision didn't put this on PS3/360 where they could've charged money per word via DLC.

Cat4089d ago

you know, you shouldn't just toss good ideas around like that syko. ;)

SmokeyMcBear4089d ago

everyone knows you learn spanish from watching dora the explorer

Padre4089d ago

Todos ustedes apestan!

[email protected]4089d ago

No mas que tu... por cierto.

Not more that you... believe me.

ryuyasho4089d ago

Trans: A little game to learn how to speak in Spanish...

Interesting... Basically is very easy to learn spanish just as is easy to learn english. I just hope this game have all the different Spanish terms and meanings such as: Puerto Rican, Mexican, Castellan etc.

And I agree with Padre... hahahahaha

[email protected]4089d ago

Just as the english on US it was too different on terms compare with the UK one "the original". I don't think ur dream come true. Traditional Sort or something like that... maybe the original "The Castellano from Spain".

SeanScythe4089d ago

This is crap, like there isn't enought spanish being shoved in our face.

SmokeyMcBear4089d ago

don't worry, if you live in the states, everyone will be mandatorily speaking it eventually, bwahahaha

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