Gears is so Good makes you want to slap the Producer

In this Gears of War 3 Preview GamerFitNation's BlackBible plays a Gears game for the first time ever. He was so impressed he wanted to slap the producer for not telling him how good it was.

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bifuteki2723d ago

I can relate to that after playing the pass beta, they should of kept it going.


TO be honest I mostly play PS3 titles never really found any Xbox titles I liked until Gears and Forza as of recently.

gamingdroid2723d ago

You clearly have been missing out stuff on the Xbox 360! I would start with Mass Effect 1, Gears 1 & 2 and so on.

xPhearR3dx2723d ago

Hell I put over 100 hours into the beta. I wanted more but kinda glad they stopped it so I had a chance to play other games lol


When it comes to Gears I'm Noob, I didn't even know that was an beta available. Sounds like I'm to late to get in on it.

Anon19742723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I'm so looking forward to Gears 3 I hooked up my 360 again in preparation. It had been shelved since I finished Halo Reach (Halo Retch is more like it. I loved every Halo game up until Reach. What a disappointment) and bought a new home theater receiver. I hand't bothered to set it up with the new receiver yet but now with Gears around the corner I finally had some incentive.

I should really track down a copy of Alan Wake now that it's not $70 and my 360 is set up again.

Edit: Actually I figured "What the hell am I waiting for?" and just placed an order for Alan Wake on Amazon. Now I'll have two titles on my 360 when Gears comes out! W00T!

DEA Fresh2723d ago

I got a code to download Alan Wake the full game off amazon for $10 including shipping. The sound and story are amazing but the actual gameplay becomes repetitive.

JellyJelly2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

"GamerFitNation's BlackBible plays a Gears game for the first time ever."

Is this the same guy who had never heard of Forza Motorsport? Where has he been, under a rock?

BLACKBIBLE2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I can agree to that comment. Read my 1st comment, You'll understand why. I got my 1st Xbox when contact came out. I didn't have anything against Microsoft just never saw a title that interest me. Not into FPS so Halo was out, for 3rd party title I had PS3, and Heard of Gears but never had a chance to play. I see now why you guys like it so much. :)

DID you guys see the second video under the 1st? thats the original reference but I didn't want to make the title to long. Pretty much I'm saying I was made no one told me Gears was that Good.

JellyJelly2723d ago

No intention to be mean, you seem like a nice guy. It's just weird seeing that you're a gaming journalist and have never been hands-on with Gears nor Forza before. It's kinda like a motor journalist who's never heard of Ford or Ferrari.

Anyways, good that you liked them so much. I'm looking forward to Gears as well.

xtheownerzx2723d ago

If that rock is a ps3 than yup he has LOL. And @blackbible slapping producers LOL you got jokes.

omi25p2723d ago

So why come to this article. Good job troll

chasedagreat2723d ago

hell yeah 95% of kills is with the shotgun.
Shotguns of War nice title lololol

Breadisgood2722d ago

That's why it's fun in my opinion. What other shooter lets you play almost entirely up close with shotguns?

It's the fast paced close-quarters combat that makes it so intense.

Cpt_kitten2723d ago

i wanna slap cliffy b and anyone at epic now, not because gears is good....but because there games suck now and unreal tournament 3 was a disaster

bring back UT only make it like the classic ones

xPhearR3dx2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Gears > UT

EDIT: Yes I've played them. I like Gears more. I'm sorry, I forgot if your opinion doesn't agree with someone else then the infamous "You never played it before" comments get thrown out. I like Gears more than Uncharted, I like Killzone more than Halo. Guess I never played those games either right?

Cpt_kitten2723d ago

clearly you have never played them before or else you wouldn't be saying that

firemassacre2723d ago

dude why bring up uncharted ?

and uncharted 2 has a 9.6 meta, no geow ever scored that high, and im not done yet, uncharted 2 got the most game awards in history, so when we talk uncharted 3...its improving upon everything i just said.

on topic god i miss horde mode, i need this badboy now!

xPhearR3dx2723d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I brought it up because I was told I never played a game simply because I liked a different game more. That and when people say "I like Gears over Uncharted" you get the same comment "You clearly never played Uncharted" when in fact I have. It's called an opinion. Something people around here tend to think doesn't exist.

Not to mention I brought up Halo and Killzone. My comment wasn't attacking the precious Uncharted. I stated a set of games in which I liked more than it's competitor. That's it.

Ducky2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

He also brought up Halo and Killzone, why didn't you jump on that as well? O.o

CrzyFooL2723d ago


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