HBO Go Coming To Game Consoles

CEO Jeff Bwekes said on the company's earnings call that HBO's TV Everywhere service would soon be available on not just our web browsers and mobile devices but on our connected TVs and videogame consoles as well.

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KingSlayer2633d ago

Oh hell yes! I was thinking of grabbing a Revue (GoogleTV) partly b/c of the HBO Go app. This hits the PS3 and I'll have to keep looking for reasons for GoogleTV.

HebrewHammer2633d ago

SMART FUCKING MOVE HBO! I use HBO Go on my Ipad all the time. I also use my PS3 all the time. That, ladies and gentlemen is a fucking brilliant eqauation!
Great Success!

fluffydelusions2633d ago

Is this service available without a cable subscription? I don't mind paying a few dollars a month for a service like Netflix but I can't justify a $50+ bill for something I don't watch very often.

Drekken2633d ago

As of right now it comes with certain cable providers HBO package. I have HBO with Brighthouse and it isn't available for some reason.

BoNeSaW232633d ago

Price? And is HBO GO a monthly service or can you pay to view individual series?

HebrewHammer2632d ago

Monthly - its free with your normal TV subscription package. It's like 14.99 a month for all access to HBO, if I'm not mistaken. Might seem steep - but it's not TV. It's HBO.

Hell, I'd give my right nut for HBO.

BoNeSaW232632d ago

HAHAHA! I love HBO but I love my nut even more :)

Still, not a bad price to have HBO on demand on your TV and Mobile. I am Definitely gonna check this out more.

HebrewHammer2631d ago

Hey, Napoleon only had one nut - and look what he accomplished.