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"There is a film out there that ever man, woman and child must see before they meet their maker. A straight-to-DVD disaster that quickly became a cult classic. A film so spectacularly awful, it’s phenomenally brilliant. I am, of course, talking about Tommy Wiseau masterpiece: The Room. But it goes without saying that every piece of modern cinema must have a great movie tie-in game and The Room is no exception."

-Spence from That Gamer Hub

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FredEffinChopin2631d ago

God, just reading the name of this movie makes me cringe...

AKS2631d ago

You're just a chicken! You're not good! Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap! Oh, hi, Mark!

richard9192631d ago

I LOVE this movie...its incredible

Miiikeyyy2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I did nawt hit her, It's bowl shit! I did nawt hit her, I did naaaaawt! oh, hi mark!