gamrReview: Chantelise review

"Chantelise may not be as good as Recettear, but it’s heartening to realize that it was actually developed before Recettear, so there’s a general upward trend in game quality from these guys. The charm and humor isn’t quite up to countering the more generic storyline, but the combat system makes for some really intense and enjoyable boss fights, at least for the first 10 or so attempts. Carpe Fulgur have put themselves in an interesting position with the relatively huge success of their first localization effort and now expectations are obviously higher than they were before it. Even though Chantelise didn’t quite make it to Recettear’s heights, I look forward to the next localization from Carpe Fulgur and hopefully they continue to work with EasyGameStation in the future." - Karl Koebke

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BeardedGamerShow2730d ago

Wow, I hadn't even heard of this game. I may have to check it out.

Duke_Silver2730d ago

me either, it's like they didn't promote it at all

MisterPickles22730d ago

Good review. This game looks too... wierd for me, though.

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