Do We Really Love Star Fox, or is it Just That One Game?

End of the Week Writes:

"I love the Star Fox series. Except for the first SNES one, I've played all of them and have enjoyed every single last one. I spent hours of my childhood trying to find the most cinematic path in Star Fox 64, I nearly broke my thumb traversing through Adventure, I do annual speed runs of Assault just to listen to the epic soundtrack, and I unlocked every ending in Command and even blew up my friends in its wi-fi multiplayer. I'm super psyched that Star Fox 64 is being remade and updated for the 3DS but I can't help but wonder, why did it take so long between Command and 64 3D for there to another Star Fox game?"

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StarWolf2659d ago

I'd buy any Starfox game made for 3DS or Wii U. I like Starfox

Darkseeker2659d ago

The snes one didn't interest me, I hated it and still hate it today. However, Starfox 64 was an awesome game, far better than its predecessor.

JsonHenry2659d ago

I liked StarFox64 better as well.

Canary2659d ago

I liked it on SNES and N64... until I discovered other, better sci-fi shooters, like Freespace and mechwarrior.

Right now... Starfox doesn't interest me at all. The only reason I have to pay attention to it at all is to maintain the dull glimmer of hope that the sci-fi sim genre might make a comeback.

dalibor2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

A new Mechwarrior game would be cool. Not to many games out there in that genre I assume. It would be cool to be able to add weapons that you want and customize your mech before heading into battle online or with friends. And Starfox 64 is a classic awesome game.


Darkseeker2659d ago

Starfox 64 was an awesome game, far better than its predecessor on the snes. The countless hours of playing multiplayer with 3 friends are so no wasted.

DNAbro2659d ago

None of the star fox games were as good as N64. Im sure nintendo can make a good one but it needs to be done right. Nintendo said if you want more star fox buy 64 3d or we'll probably never see him again.

Venox20082659d ago

starfox adventures is a great game

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The story is too old to be commented.