Ridge Racer Unbounded Preview | FlatOut, Burnout, All-Out Destruction []

Dealspwn: "In a tiny, decrepit room deep in the bowels of a decaying abandoned office complex, a small group of game journalists held their breath as a beautiful sports car charted a course for destruction. The fictional supercar gracefully drifted around a corner, it's racing livery resplendent in the sun and sparks flying up in jawdropping slow motion courtesy of a languid debug mode. It was a glorious sight to behold... but the stunning vehicle was headed towards a selection of reinforced concrete bollards that would completely destroy it. Steel met concrete in an agonizing half-second, and our breath was suddenly exhaled en masse as the supercar punched straight through the barrier, shattering the stone, denting the car and yet slowing it down one iota. Half a dozen of them yielded to the car's inexorable drift, which was followed by the developer smashing through the wall of a bank to take first place after several seconds of airtime."

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