Downloadable Cash Cow - Is DLC really Worth This Much?

End of the Week Writes:

"It's times like this that I thank my friends for lending me spare cash in the past so I could purchase a used game or an expansion pack of. I look at prices of games and think, "Well, these games DO have enough content in them to be worth this much...I think."

Apparently not."

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f7897902635d ago

Most DLC is bullshit. Especially EA's "unlock everything" dlc. It used to be a cheat code that you had to enter, now it's your credit card number.

Mikeyy2635d ago

It really depends on the Game and the DLC being offered. DLC that is repayable and offers lots of value and play time is definitely worth it. I.E. COD map packs, or Rock Band Songs, Ect. Both will be used a LOT. But DLC that is downloaded, played, then just sits there, isn't really worth your time. I.E. a lot of the fallout DLC, you play through them once, get an item to take home, and that's really it...

Buyer discretion I suppose, But I don't think it's fair at all to demonize companies for offering the Consumer added, optional Content, to extend the life of the games they LOVE.