SFX-360: Bleach Soul Resureccion Review

Rudy at SFX-360 says:

"Any game coming from an anime can be a hard sell. Not as hard as a comic book movie but difficult nonetheless. So when I heard that Bleach: Soul Resurreccion was coming out as a PS3 exclusive, not only did I quickly start catching up on the anime but was curious to see what kind of game Soul Resurreccion was going to be. However, after playing through it, I am not shocked to say this is a pretty button mash heavy/hack and slash type of game. Not that it’s a bad thing entirely but it depends on how much you like Bleach and if doing the same thing over and over doesn’t become annoying to you.

When it comes to the story, I spent a good amount of time catching up on the Bleach series just so I wouldn’t be confused on what was going on. The story for Soul Resurreccion however takes place when Ichigo, Chad, and Uryu enter Hueco Mundo to save Orihime. If am correct it is around the 185th episode or so in the anime (I kind of did some skipping ahead until someth...

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