Ten Games That Need an HD Upgrade

A list of ten games that desperately need an HD upgrade.

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jacksonmichael2686d ago

Kingdom Hearts? Persona 3? Onimusha? Okami? Definitely.

bebojet2686d ago

I would prefer a new Onimusha game but I could settle with an HD remake for now.

LOGICWINS2686d ago

I'd buy Persona 4 in a heartbeat if it got an HD upgrade. I haven't played any of the games in the series, but I hear nothing but good things :)

Cpt_kitten2686d ago

not just Persona 3 ALL SMT games!!!! and heck yeah to the Kotor, DMC (which was already said to be one), and FF8

Monster Hunter as well sick of them only coming out for psp

the dot hack series as well since they refuse to bring the new dot hacks over from japan and everyone freaked out about an MMO fearing they will be trapped in the game as stupid as that is

thebudgetgamer2686d ago

i was playing destruction derby last night, what a fun game that i would love to see remastered or a sequal would be nice as well.

EverydayGuy2686d ago

Don't think any PS 1 titles will upgrade, but I would like them to have sequels though. FF 10 - 12 need an upgrade.

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The story is too old to be commented.