Nintendo Admits its Worried About Wii U Adoption Following 3DS Cut

Nintendo has a very loyal fanbase, one that's been cultivated since the days of the NES and Game Boy. The recent 3DS price cut may have left some early adopters feeling "betrayed" though, and Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata now acknowledges that he's concerned about what will happen with the Wii U when it launches next year.

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Sinner101GR2631d ago

I'd be worried about consoles in general.

jacksonmichael2631d ago

They wouldn't have to worry so much if they released Last Story, Pandora's Tower and Xenoblade...

lizard812882631d ago

They should make good launch games, and make it cheap, it shouldn't be that hard.

Those are the two biggest reasons the 3DS failed.

1)$250 = on par with the wii, a home console

2) No games to play on it (and still no games until the holiday season)

Jejojaja2631d ago

Give us a new game from Retro Studios and Pikmin 3 at launch and the console will sell just fine.

If however Nintendo releases the system with zero exclusives except for "Wii Sport U" it might bomb,( depends on how interested the casual gamers are.)

charmer2630d ago

nintendo dont have one thing to worry about....3ds will start selling alot... and if wii is advertize, price , right and right will win next gen hands down just base on the controller

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