gamrTV Weekly - Pachter and Divnich Weigh in on 3DS Price Drop

This week on gamrTV Weekly: reviews for Bastion and Catherine, good and bad news about Diablo III, and industry experts Michael Pachter and Jesse Divnich wax poetic about the 3DS woes and price drop.

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Torillian2631d ago

yeah he gets a lot of crap from people for being wrong, but he seems like a genuinely nice guy who's happy to admit when he made the wrong call.

LOGICWINS2631d ago

True. I enjoy hearing Pachter's insight as well. The people who give him crap should jump off their high horse and look in the mirror. No ones right 100% of the time.

tiffac2630d ago

I enjoy Patcher's opinions because even if he is wrong, he makes a good laugh about it and isn't mad at the people who hates him.

He's a good sport unlike most people in the industry.

kreate2630d ago

he is awesome. but he favors the xbox over ps3 though.
and he pulls it off pretty well.

Inside_out2631d ago

No one needs to panic...YET...but Apple is running away with everything at the moment. They are expensive but the .99 cent app and free demo's and games has people buying the ios products by the millions. Nintendo is getting it today, Sony, M$, Google, RIM, you name it, will get it tomorrow.

At least we should see some really cheap prices very soon. Nintendo has been ripping people off for far too long, it has caught up them and with Digital download being the future...things look dire for Niny at the moment.

Apple has been building their fanbase every year while guys like M$, Sony and Nintendo sit around and watch it happen.

M$'s bread and butter is the Windows OS...with Apple putting Ipad tablets in everyone's house with there own OS, what will happen to windows??? Just incredible shortsightedness and greedy stupidity that will lead to their downfall.

Duke_Silver2631d ago

that was pretty interesting!

MisterPickles22631d ago

I like the way you did the 'BIFF! BAM! BOOM!' Made me laugh :D

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The story is too old to be commented.