How Nintendo tries (and fails) to be like Apple (Bitmob)

Nintendo and Apple share many similarities. Unfortunately, the relative performances of the iPad 2 and the 3DS aren't among them.

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iamnsuperman2636d ago

"Of course, the demographic for both companies is different as well. A $499 entry-level iPad is ultimately more affordable to a full-time working hipster living in San Francisco" that is why apple does so well. They went with a "cool" image and not many companies have acheived. No gaming company has this image. It is how apple can sell essentially a laptop/smartphone that is missing the core features of the smartphone and laptop

NagaSotuva2636d ago

Would you choose an iPhone for gaming over a 3DS?

iamnsuperman2636d ago

I would say that is unfair to correlate. The 3Ds is a dedicated gaming machine while the iphone is a smart phone. Its like saying would you buy a 3DS for smart phone applications over an iphone

LOGICWINS2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

"Would you choose an iPhone for gaming over a 3DS?"

Actually yeah I would. I can get every Pokemon game since Red/Blue(not to mention dozens of Sega and PS1 games) with a hacked Iphone and most games on it are less than $10.

I can also use my Iphone for texting, making phone calls, listening to music, watching movies, taking high quality videos, and taking pictures. The Iphone is also much smaller and sleeker than the 3DS and easier to lug around for everyday use.

And then if I want to do some more SERIOUS gaming, I'll go home and game on my PS3 =)

Trunkz Jr2636d ago

Iphones and pads don't even have real buttons or anything, it's not a real Gaming device, just plays cheap games.

LOGICWINS2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Iphone/Ipad aren't real gaming devices? Says LOL, tell that to the millions of people playing Angry Birds and Farmville right now on their iphones/ipads.

Having "no real buttons" isn't stopping anyone from playing games on their Apple devices.

FlintGREY2636d ago

I'd go with neither one...PSP/Vita for me

iamnsuperman2636d ago

@Trunkz Jr. What counts as a real gamers. People who play farmville spends hours playing it. Just because it isn't developed by a big company/from a console doesn't make the people who play them not real gamers.

BattleAxe2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

You know Apple fanboys are desperate when they start bringing up Angry Birds and Farmville lol. Millions of people play Angry birds because its free, or at least it is on Android devices :)

LOGICWINS2636d ago

"You know Apple fanboys are desperate when they start bringing up Angry Birds and Farmville lol."

You know why someone on N4G has two bubbles when they need to call someone a fanboy to get their point across.

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CrescentFang2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

The thing is, a lot of non-gamers would just say "Well, the iPhone can play games too!" haha

I would pick a 3DS haha, tbh though I have no idea wth to do with a phone besides calling and texting... lol
(if you couldn't tell from my post, I have never owned a smartphone)

theonlylolking2636d ago

Yes, but I would choose a DS, PSP, and PSV over the iphone.

RussianVodka2636d ago

The iPhone usually has allot of indie games to play, while the 3DS has full retail games, so I think it's not worth comparing. IMO

SilentNegotiator2636d ago

That's not what this article is about. It's about marketing strategies and how Nintendo thought that they could get away with a high price in an industry that greatly rewards cost-effectiveness with sales.

matey2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

No way on earth Luigis mansion 2,Mariokart7,Heroes of ruin,Sonic generations,WRC 2011,F1 2011,Driver Renegade,Super mario 3D land,Labrinth,RE Revelations,Tekken 3D is at Gamescom,Ace combat 3D,ect to name a few IOS/Iphone not even close some of them 3DS games run at 60fps in 3D mode like Tekken/MarioKart7,MarioLand,ec t

In fact with the 3DS line up u are stupid if u think when all these great titles are out and u can pick up a 3DS for £130 in the UK with content that in my opinion smashes all the Vitas line up to smitherines easy lets see Iphone4 £450 crap games/Vita £200-£300 proper games in 2D at 220ppi/3DS £130 proper games in 3D/2D at 233ppi so crisper in 2D mode on 3DS than Vita weather u agree or not.

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jacen1002636d ago

yea iphone is cheap ass games no buttons no sticks nothin, crap for gaming

SilentNegotiator2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I think Nintendo is getting cocky and thinks that they've become an unfailing brand. They released a handheld with a difficult to market main feature, which is faulty (slight movement distorts it, motion controls), and came with a hefty price. You can say all you want about Mario, Zelda, etc....but they didn't save the Gamecube.

And now they're releasing a console that very much looks stuck between generations (Refusal to confirm 1080p native almost definitely means not much native 1080p if any, not very impressive tech demos), with what's looking to be a very limited gimmick (ONE WiiU controller?), and a bunch of launch titles being multiplats that will be a year old or more by WiiU's release. Low price has always been one of the big factors in console success, and now Nintendo is trying to make something near the other consoles?

Does Nintendo really think that ANYTHING they do will be successful? There's not much tact to how they're going about their next generation of systems.

It's already nipping them, and their investors, in the rear.

"The price hike...exudes arrogance: You'll buy it no matter the cost"
Exactly. Nintendo suddenly thought they had achieved God status and could sell just fine with any price. But now they've had to bring the price down because that simply didn't happen. Price has ALWAYS been a big factor in how well systems sell.

JBSleek2636d ago

Apple is not being touched by any company right now besides maybe Microsoft and Google.

They have got the winning formula and if Apple decides to get into the console gaming scene then Apple will force much change.

Nintendo doesn't know the direction they are going in. Are they still chasing the "casual" market or want to appeal to the "hardcore" market. The 3DS was overpriced for what it could do and the laugh of games and the eye straining of 3D.

Some people say why not just turn of the 3D... That's like buying a HDTV and playing games at 480p.

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