Nintendo considers Wii U to be a “game console”, not “home console”

Nintendo president discusses how Wii U should be considered among the public and comments on how he hopes the system will be “Nintendo’s new answer to the upcoming change of lifestyle.”

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Jejojaja2637d ago

Great news for games, not as great when it comes to other functionalities.

jacen1002637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

yea great news for games after all its a games console glad they are not shoving blu ray dvd and all that other multimedia crap that we dont need down our throat aswell, hopefully keeps the price down

mamotte2637d ago

I wanted one to browse the internets

D0ffy2636d ago

A web browser is confirmed for the Wii U....

charmer2636d ago

if nintendo and the third party take the right advantage of can be the ultimate console

Ness-Psi2636d ago

Stop selling me a lifestyle and just sell me a games console.