What Blizzard is thinking with their new Diablo 3 and features (Bitmob)

Bitmob Staff Writer Alejandro Quan-Madrid: We've waited over a decade for the latest installment in the Diablo series, but unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the direction developer Blizzard is taking Diablo 3 in. What's up with the online-only single-player campaign? And is the new auction-house feature -- with its player-driven economy -- just a way to stick it to gold farmers? But before we all reach for our spiked clubs and Scrolls of Inferno, let's hear them out.

I had a chance to sit down with Blizzard's vice president of online technologies, Rob Bridenbecker, at a recent Diablo 3 preview event where we went over these topics. Can you tell I was a little nervous? The guy plays a mean barbarian.

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Gungnir2632d ago

So it's better for people to complain that they can't play offline than for even less people to complain that they have to re-level a character to play online?

NagaSotuva2632d ago

Do they have Starbucks in planes now?

NiteX2632d ago

I'm pretty amazed people are actually complaining about having to be online with a game in 2012. Not only is this nothing new, but you have to be incredibly blind and clueless to have not seen this coming from Blizzard.

Drekken2632d ago

The complaints are coming from all of the people who play WoW offline... sorry, feeling sarcastic today.

evrfighter2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Yup because we live in a age where internet connections never go out.

You may say this is 2011 but lost connections are still just as popular today as they were 5 years ago.

:super rare item drops: 1 in 100k chance of it dropping. Connection cuts out a split second later. All of a sudden you wish you woulda spoke up when you had the chance to huh.

theoretically speaking of course. Best of luck and hope it doesn't happen to you. I'll cut my loss here and save myself a potentially demoralizing moment.

Arthas2632d ago

It's just a way for them to make money off of their game without introducing a subscription fee. I for one am extremely excited to be able to sell my gear for RL moneys. This could be a good way to fund other gaming ventures.

Spinal2632d ago

People love to complain about non issues to feel relevant in life.

I know ill be enjoying diablo 3 this fall :)

Perjoss2632d ago

exactly, for every 1 person that moans (graphics look bad, game is too colorful, need to be connected etc) there are hoards of gamers that will queue in the midnight launch and play the game for hundreds of hours. Haters make up a very small percentage of the fan base.

StayStatic2632d ago


Not too fond of the real money thing but as long as it doesn't stop me from enjoying the game or put me at a serious disadvantage then i say bring it :)

Mikeyy2631d ago


I look at it this way, If that guy wan'ts to spend $100's on gear for his charactor he plays 4 hours a week then let him.

Hopefully he buys all the gear from ME!!! =D


HardCover2632d ago

Wow that's ignorant.

These ARE issues that are relevant to THEIR life. Spinning it the way you did is something a kid or a fanboy would do.

Just because you're content doesn't mean you're any more "right" than they are.

Spinal2632d ago

It's very simple if you don't like it, DONT BUY IT. You complain when you've paid for a service thats been messed up.

People complain about tax inflation cause they HAVE to pay taxes, You don't have to buy or play Diablo 3.

I don't post on N4G about stuff i don't like in certain games that are coming out. I just opt not to buy them Simple. like Modern Warfare 3 for example.

Tony P2632d ago

On the other hand, spinal, I don't really get why you feel the need to curb other's complaints.

Take your own advice, if you think it's the best solution.

HardCover2632d ago

SpinalC0rd, you missed my point entirely.

"People love to complain about non issues to feel relevant in life."

This statement is ignorant and it is arrogant. Next time don't make a sweeping generalization with a negative tone, and I won't have a problem with your opinion. It's simple, really.

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