G*: Nexon Reveals Xbox 360 MMO Mabinogi, Talks Maple Story DS

During this year's Gstar game show in Seoul, South Korea, Nexon has revealed to Gamasutra new details about Maple Story DS, as well as an Xbox 360 port of the company's Korea-only PC MMO Mabinogi, which was announced today.

The recent Mabinogi announcement, which came on the first day of the major Gstar show attended by Gamasutra in South Korea, was relatively unexpected. The game is a more traditional, cel-shaded MMORPG with an interesting class system, allowing players to level up in branching paths with individual attributes.

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zornik3999d ago

MMO's are the's time that consoles get there own MMO's.

JsonHenry3999d ago

I just wish they would make maple story 2.0 or something for the 360. That would be awesome.

Darkiewonder3999d ago

Mmmm. Console Mmo. I still see it not really working but we'll see how this turns out.

Bladestar3999d ago

with microsoft new chatpad... I don't see a problem why MMOs wouldnt work on the xbox 360.

zornik3999d ago

I got a chatpad and it's a very nice tool.Now lets hope developers are working on chatpad options for games that can use some extra buttons MMO's.

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