According to Redigit "Terraria 1.0.6 is Coming"

Agentxk from Gaming Irresponsibly writes: If you haven’t done so yet, Andrew Spinks aka Redigit has created a twitter account. @Demilogic’s very first tweet shed some serious light on when we will be seeing Terraria’s next patch 1.0.6!

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agentxk2637d ago

Favorite indie game of the year

fluffydelusions2637d ago

Probably the only game my PC can play lol

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2637d ago

For me minecraft is my #1, this makes it to number 3 though :)

#2 is a minecraft clone on the 360 that can play split screen :o

tumefatto2637d ago

Great, great, GREAT indie game :D !!!

blitz0x2637d ago

Agreed. I know people have been freaking out over this new patch in-the-making. Updates were seemingly weekly up until this one.

agentxk2637d ago

I'm sure this will be a reason to create a new world again