Team “Unicorn Ninja” Keeps Xbox LIVE Safe For Everyone | Esperino

Yep, that’s the security team name. Unicorn Ninja. This tight-knit team is dedicated to sifting through content for offensive material to ensure Xbox LIVE remains safe, fun and non-offensive for everyone.

Keeping hackers, cheaters, phishers, account thieves, game code modifiers and communication abuser in line, as well as providing assistance to police when actual crimes are committed on the network. Not a widely known team, “Unicorn Ninja” sets about their tasks dealing with the unsavoury of individuals lurking on Xbox LIVE.

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aviator1892726d ago

Lol, the name...
Anyways, I'm glad for what they do.

Micro_Sony2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I lol'ed at the name too but then thought what if this group is a bunch of girls.

Then this name would be perfect for them because a Unicorn is a symbol of guardian and and Ninja keeps things in check.

I think the logo should be a Unicorn that shatz skittles

kreate2726d ago

unicorn ninja lol
is this really true or this a parody article? :D

must be made up of teenage hackers.

i wonder what the names of the other team/departments are called.

Raven_Nomad2726d ago

Part of the reason XBL is well worth it. You can avoid players and not get matched up with them again. Report modders, cheaters, hackers and offensive content. Keep up the good work!

gamingdroid2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

As much as I used to frown upon Xbox Live charged me a fee to play online (in fact I used to not go online at all due to the fee), but over the years I can see what the fee has contributed to:

a) enforcement team to twarth those cheating son of a B
b) multiple dash improvements
c) bringing new features like Netflix, ESPN and so on to Xbox
d) Kinect integration

It's value add and I'm liking it. I tend to pay about $30-35 for my Gold membership so it isn't a huge cost. That said, I'm also glad there is a competing network that is free alas PSN. Options for everyone!

Vega752726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Good to know my money is going to protecting my info and providing me with a great experience on live