Great Gaming Crusade's Gaming as a Family

Great Gaming Crusade: "In today’s world, we hear plenty of talk about parents disagreeing with the kinds of video games their children play or the amount of time kids spend playing video games, both of which are very reasonable concerns in the eyes of parents. After all, you don’t want your younger children playing games that you feel are too much for them to handle at the time, nor does the video game industry feel it is appropriate for people to spend hours upon hours at a time sitting in front of a console mashing buttons (or flailing peripherals). However, one beneficial solution to both of these problems, as well as another problem hitting closer to home, the problem of kids not spending much time with their parents, is simple if thought about for a minute. How could parents better monitor their child’s video game play time, as well as cash in some quality time simultaneously? By introducing some family time into the child/video game equation."

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