“Freestyle” MMO's New Marketing Campain Features Korean Girls And Car-Washes

Korean gaming company JCE recently chose Korean girl group 4minute to promote their “Freestyle” MMO game.

Besides being characters in the game, the 4minute members also recorded a song and the music video to endorse the game, which was released today. Check it (and the making-of video) out below.

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ATi_Elite2637d ago

Even though they were singing in Korean and i had no clue as to what they were saying but for some reason the whole entire song sounded exactly like the same pop crap on American radio stations.

You could play this in the States and you couldn't tell the difference. Number 1 hit!!


Pozzle2637d ago

I can't even understand what most English singers are saying, so these guys would fit it nicely with Western music. :D

Zanarkand2636d ago

Best 6:84 minutes of my life, no really, i had to space out watching this.

juniorpop2636d ago

Awesome! The 'Bubble Pop' viral popstar is in this video!