Hey EA, Watch Your Hands: EA’s Sports Season Pass Pitfalls

John Parie from write, "When Electronic Arts unleashed Project $10 on the gaming masses last year, I was pretty quick to get behind the initiative. I really liked the idea of rewarding gamers who didn’t succumb to the minute savings offered by retailers to entice buyers to purchase used copies of games still in their release prime."

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Ghostspider2635d ago

Great article. I would never pay for this, their sports games have been going down hill lately. Whats with the lame card games?

RJ20002635d ago

EA is a joke... F'in JOKE.

allyc4t2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

It would be more appealing if it was $10 or if they offered more for $25. Getting to play a game 3 days early just isn't enough.

Also, this was a great line: 'It seems as though the last 16 months of Project $10 has paved the way for Project What Else You Got in Your Wallet?'

thriftynerd2635d ago

The 3 days early thing is just bizarre.