Singstar UK Release Date

Three Speech is happy to announce that SingStar for the PlayStation 3 will launch in the UK on December 7th.

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mighty_douche4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

cant wait to listen to the misses and her mates singing britney spears at full volume at 4am....


Hapimeses4001d ago

I'm not sure if I should cheer or cry. The only thing for sure is that Singstar will be in my house come Christmas, and my wife and daughter will be happy.

ShadowPliskin4001d ago

My G/F used to be in the theatre business, but ive never heard her sing, maybe if I buy this she will stop moaning about being a PS3 widow and I can hear her sing. Everbody wins

DEADEND4001d ago

SONY needs to bundle SINGSTAR with the 40Gb PS3 in UK, it would sell very well this holiday session.