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OXM online: Remember when bullet time was brand-new — when diving around while firing twin pistols was the Cool New Thing? A decade ago, Max Payne took those Matrix-y concepts and turned them into gaming legend…only to disappear two years later, after one killer sequel and, in 2008, a horrible Hollywood film.
We’ve waited a long time for Max’s proper return, but it looks like that huge gap between installments may prove advantageous for Bully maker Rockstar Vancouver, which has replaced Remedy Entertainment (of Alan Wake fame) as the series’ developer. Clearly, Rockstar’s putting a ton of thought into our hero’s next outing.

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chriski3332637d ago

so when the beep is this gaming coming out?

Holeran2637d ago

The first two Max Payne games were epic, I hope that they can continue the tradition in this one.