"If we lose our way with Halo, we lose our way with Xbox" - Microsoft

OXM UK: "In case you're wondering whether the Halo series is really, y'know, all that crucial to Xbox given the popularity of certain other shooters, Microsoft Games Studios vice-president Phil Spencer has made the co-dependency 'twixt platform and franchise plain."

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Chaostar2631d ago

So are they saying that the entire Xbox brand hinges on one game franchise?

MS really need to invest in development studios if they want a more diverse exclusive line-up, not to mention launch titles for 'nextbox'.

Blacktric2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

It means they see Halo as a key franchise to the Xbox brand. You're just reading too much into things. I somewhat agree about the exclusives part though. I'd love to see a bit more exclusives every year (like 3 more high profile exclusives than what this year had).

AAACE52631d ago

Oh, the fanboy comments we will hear just on the title alone should be interesting!

OhMyGandhi2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I have a 360 and love Halo, but must say it's downright embarrassing for the VP to say something of that magnitude, with very little inclination to hold anything back.

Of course, we all know Halo is crucial for Xbox and it's success, but I'd like to think, possibly pretend, to know that the fate of a console doesn't rely entirely on one franchise.

Hopefully, Spencer will make a "clarification statement" to instill hope in Xbox gamers.

And yes, they need more exclusives. They are lucky that an equally (if not more) devoted indie developer crowd (due to XNA) exists on XBLA, and is one of few shining stars of the console at this point in time.

C'mon Microsoft, become competent once more.

Rynx2631d ago

Don't you worry Microsoft. The way some of your Xbox followers talk on here, multiplatforms are all they care about.

kreate2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

rynx hit the spot.

xbox fanboys will eat a bone MS throws at them due to their ultimate allegiance to MS. they wage war to expand the mighty MS empire. go buy multiple systems/games to keep the sales high. im a dedicated gamer but dam! their dedication to MS is starting to scare me.

u know those xbots are out there filling their homes with kinect.
but they wont come here and say it. how else would the kinect sales be so high?

i just happen to live next to a neighbor who is a xbot. he has the microsoft flag next to his door. and i see the kinect in front of their tv when i walk by.

im not sure what it is about xbox fanboys but they love to go buy multiplatform games becuz they got nothing else to play.

and u wonder why multuplatform games sell better on the xbox o_0;;

TheDivine2631d ago

Its like how mario is essential to the nintendo platform. Halo started the xbox and is part of the xbox culture now. It needs to remain a big AAA game that has the highest standards. Halo has been that so far and i have faith in 343 to keep it up. Halo is just one of the top games period. Its always quality, id consider it one of the best made games along with mario, zelda, starcraft, metroid, gow, and ff.

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zerocrossing2631d ago

It does sound like that, even though Im fairly sure thats not how they intended it lol.

antz11042631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

No, he's saying this series launched the xbox, and deserves the utmost attention and care in development, especially when recreating the original that started it all.

Try reading the the story before saying what MS needs to do.

Edit: Agree with Clizz below: bringing back The Chief is a great idea.

Lol, sorry Nomad, forgot the obvious!:D

Raven_Nomad2631d ago

It's an article on Xbox and Microsoft and Halo, you actually expect idiots of N4G to read it? Hell no, most of them cant actually read more then a headline. Headlines and assumptions are what it's all about here.

Halo is the key franchise to Xbox, they need to keep it top quality and I'm excited to be able to play as the Chief once again. Considering 343 has so many former original Bungie members anyway, I'm sure the franchise is in great hands.

Microsoft hasn't released anything sub par with the Halo name on it.

Ravenor2631d ago


It wasn't 343 or Bungie but Halo Wars was sub par.

MOTY2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

@ Ravenor

I disagree.

Halo Wars was an RTS. A genre not easy to create on a console without a mouse and keyboard. Halo wars is the HIGHEST SELLING RTS game on any console and is also the highest selling RTS than ANY RTS on both consoles combined ie. Red Alert 3 on BOTH 360 and PS3. Not only that, but Halo Wars is TIED as the HIGHEST RATED RTS game on consoles.

An 82 rated RTS on consoles with 2.09 million sold.

So NO, Halo Wars was NOT a sub par title. Halo Wars is considered the #1 RTS title on consoles to date going by review AND sales wise.

Ravenor2631d ago


Sure, but as someone who has played RTS since Dune 2000...I found it to be lacking. It was simplistic and kinda boring, the boredom is undoubtedly due to the pacing which was ridiculously slow.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, at least from your post I think you enjoyed it. Citing sales and Review averages isn't really an argument in my eyes. The game had flaws, and even though it had interesting ideas with base building and unit control, it was still slow and really hindered the strategic side of the game.

It's not some game that should be shunned, but it certainly shouldn't be praised as anything more then mediocre at best.

MOTY2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

@ Ravenor

But you said:

"It wasn't 343 or Bungie but Halo Wars was sub par."

As if claiming some kind of "fact". That is just your opinion and a single opinion at that. Fine you played Dune (as did I) but that was on PC. We are talking consoles here. And like I said:

"So NO, Halo Wars was NOT a sub par title. Halo Wars is considered the #1 RTS title on consoles to date going by review AND sales wise."

You are comparing an RTS game on PC where you had the use of Mouse and keyboard to a Console game that that was designed with a controller in mind.

Also, I am sorry that you don't acknowledge sales and reviews as an acceptable argument, however it's a more factual and concrete argument than your 1 single opinion. Reviews give an idea of how good a game is compared to it's competition in the eyes of a "usually reliable and unbias source". Sure you can make the argument that reviews are still just opinions and you are right, just like when you go to a doctor and they give you their opinion on what illness you may have and how to treat it. But you can't refute Sales since sales = demand, so the more something sells, the more demand we can see for that title. Since Halo Wars is the highest selling RTS "ON CONSOLES" we can arguably say that there was more demand for Halo Wars than other competing RTS games that are on the console.

I used facts to refute your single opinion and backed it up with examples of other competing IP's within the same genre on consoles and Halo Wars comes out on top review and Sales wise which holds a more factual argument than your one opinion that it was sup par. You are fine to your opinion, but I don't think you are being fair to the game comparing it to PC titles and NOT comparing Halo Wars to other console RTS titles since we can see that Halo Wars IS the #1 RTS title on "CONSOLES" using the factual documented information available to us.

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InNomeDiDio2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Halo is just one of many great Exclusives and Multi-Platform titles on Xbox 360. But most people connect the Xbox with Halo. And of course Halo is a very unique franchise and always delivered. Without Halo Xbox wouldn't be the same, but the Xbox wouldn't go down without it either.

Godmars2902631d ago

I still say that MS needs to show that they can actually manage their in-house dev houses before they acquire more.

What's happened to former devs before they were closed, not tot mention Rare's current state and that we're only talking about this because Bungie bailed should say as much.

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subtenko2631d ago

Because its all we xbox fans ever had :( *sniff sniff* oh someone give johnny a tissue, he's crying a river :( Stand strong brother....STAND STRONG, we have to finish the fight! :| ... :)

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Muffins12232631d ago

yep :P,well xbox hings of fps,halo and gears are the 2 best shooter's this decade and micrsoft relays off them deply an dits the only reason people buy them,xbox hada good laucnh half way threw but now all they have left are gears and halo,and as long as they keep on makign stuff liek gears and halo,they will always be around.

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Convas2631d ago

As long as you guys understand that. No annual franchising. No pandering to casuals.

They have given 343i the time, space, support, and staff needed for this, so I think they are on the right path generally.

Hell, just bringing back Master Chief was a +1 in their favor in my opinion. Take it slow, up the game, keep it simple, and give us back the things that made Halo CE and Halo overall great.

The Meerkat2631d ago

I'm worried and excited about Halo 4.

I hope they have the Precursors as the bad guys.

dirigiblebill2631d ago

I don't think losing Halo would spell doom for Xbox, but Microsoft does need solid first-party titles to light the way for the third-parties. Every console manufacturer does, really.

tiffac2631d ago

I think MS is holding back for some reason, I don't know why I just got a gut feeling their happy with just focusing on Kinect right now than spending on acquiring new studios again.

fluffydelusions2631d ago

I don't really mind at this point in the year as the latter half of the year will rape my wallet but yeah I hope MS has some new exclusives for next year.

tiffac2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I think there are Japanese developers who are working on Kinect exclusives. I think MS is banking on that to pull in the core gamers into adopting Kinect.

Morbius4202631d ago

i have no interest in kinect or jap games. if i wanted motion controls i'd get a wii and if i wanted quarky jap games i'd geta ps3.

(sigh) i think ms is forcing me to convert to pc gaming.

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