Wii U price and release date to be announced next year

Satoru Iwata has told investors that Nintendo will wait until next year to reveal the price and release date for Wii U.

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Inside_out2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Nintendo thinks that M$ ( and Sony ) will launch a next gen console as well and are keeping their cards to their chest as this game of who will launch and when continues...there are no secrets at this level. You can't build a console in secret tho the 360 S was pretty darn close.

Why don't they want to talk about price??? Why haven't they even released the specs??? Niny is under extreme pressure right now and they are taking on a massive amount of water as they try to calm fears that they waited to long to launch the Wii-U. I said a long time ago they were sitting on money but they have a saying about these types of things..." when it goes, it goes FAST "...Niny is learning that the hard way. As soon as M$ announced Kinect and Sony announced the Move...Niny needed to move on, but they didn't because they think their crap doesn't smell, now, hundreds of millions of dollars lost later, they look like fools...never underestimate your opponents. Apple is killing them on one side while M$ and Sony are divide and conquering on the other. :o

They should of launched the Wii-U this year with Zelda, Mario and Metroid as launch title's but now they have to take a beating till holiday 2012...O_o...incredible greed and shortsightedness. The shareholders must be in panic mode and wondering how this could happen to Nintendo...maybe they forgot about the under performing Gamecube wasn't that long ago. ;)

@ Iam...the specs is the big tip off that Nintendo is aware of movement from Sony and M$ and don't want them to know...they know already. The development kits are in the hands of the devs so as I said, at this level, there are no secrets. The launch of the 360 S was a trial run for the next Xbox and it went off without a hitch. It featured much of the patented specs the new Xbox will have. Expect a Quad with a custom AMD surprises. Sony will launch with much the same thing...think PS Vita only bigger.

iamnsuperman2727d ago

Not releasing specs is a little odd. I assumed price would be late to be released but it could be they haven't fully finalised the specs. Most products before release go through cost cutting.

ksense2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I don't think this has anything to do with keeping things close to chest because of an impending launch of consoles from Sony or Microsoft. I don't think we will be seeing a new console launch from Sony or Microsoft next year. We MAY get a sneak peak at e3 2012 just to steal the thunder from Wii U but the launch will be in holiday 2013.

The reason Nintendo is holding off till next year is because they did not do a good job of announcing the Wii U and now they want to come back next year with all the information that people want and also actual games running on Wii U.

The other major reason is to push the 3DS now that they have a huge price drop and so the rest of the year will be focused on pushing the 3ds and not get distracted by Wii U.

I am not sure what you are talking about when you say Nintendo lost hundreds of millions of dollars....You do know they prolly made that much from every Wii unit sold right....The 3ds is under performing and they are taking major steps to correct that. We can say going forward they are going to lose some money as they are not going to make money of the 3ds hardware as they did with the wii.

jacen1002727d ago

because nothin is final yet, are the spec even final? like u said there are no secrets by next year they probably will have found out about the ps4/720 price and specs so could be waiting to see what happens there, they dident move on once sony and ms released there versions of motion control? i think they moved on as soon as the wii was released, while ms and sony were focusing on developing and releasing the ps3/360 nintendo were developing there motion control, they did not have to put money or development into a console last gen because all it was at the end of the day was the gamecube from the gen before put in a new sparkly white exterior. this time they need to spend the money they made and bring out something decent

RussianVodka2727d ago

All I heard from the specs was it said to have DX 10.1 and 6gb of flash ram :\

jacen1002727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

i dont think it has dx as that belongs to microsoft i think it has the latest openGL eqiuvalent which is on par or even as good as dx11

charmer2726d ago

nintendo have to take the time and analyze all the market right...but between 250 and 350 is the right price