Date for Japanese God of War Origins

company Sony announced today the issuance date of the game bundled God of War Origins of Japan, to see us on the date of publication Network Games gold ...

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kreate2631d ago

i guess kratos is not favored by the japanese =(

we need a 'god of war:kawaii edition'

DarkFantasy2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

i always liked the story to god of war but i thought the gameplay was boring and repetitive X_X the story made up for it in some ways but it was a pain to play and kratos being a total douchbag that he is did'nt make me want to play maybe if i had options like in infamouse with the whole good or evil kinda thing but gow3 is my favourite of the 3 but i don't see my self geting a 4th or a any more collection editions.