Nintendo Apologises to 3DS Owners: Is it enough?

"After a quarter of bad sales, Nintendo cut the price of the 3DS by an astounding 40% worldwide or $80 in the U.S, in the hope that this would rejuvenate hardware, and crucially, software sales figures. We won’t know whether or not that will have worked until later in the year when Nintendo releases their next quarterly financial report. No matter how it turns out however, it has left a lot of early adopters understandably peeved."- The Stone Sheep

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Forbidden_Darkness2730d ago

There will always be people who aren't happy with something. While it is disappointing for those who bought it at $250 dollars, they should have understood that the price for the device would go down after launch, not that they could have seen a 80 dollar price cut so close after launch though.

Pikajew2730d ago

I agree. But since its Nintendo and lots of people hate them people make a bigger deal over it

DarkTower8052730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I don't think people hate Nintendo, rather people hate their lack of new IPs, and constant milking of Mario. There are also so many great games from the NES that need to be brought back, but Nintendo doesn't.

maxcavsm2730d ago

While amazing for Nintendo to do, there still are no games for the damn thing worth picking up.

KingSlayer2730d ago

I think it is enough. Unfortunately, it was from Nintendo Japan to Japanese consumers. I'm in America, so Nintendo can kiss my ass. Nintendo America has said dick and that speaks volumes to me. NoJ business ethics shit over NoA.

Merivigian2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Who cares? Of course if you buy it day one you'll be paying a whole lot more for it. Get over it, that's consumerism.

charmer2728d ago

why isnt it enough...they fess up unlike sony with excusses and they gave away free games enough said...