How To Use Your PC To Download PS3 Content

In a perfect world, the PS3 will allow background download of game updates. However, the real world harbours slow PSN-locked downloads. Let's face it; consoles use the cheapest components of questionable durability. It is therefore criminally stupid to waste the limited lifespan of your PS3 downloading updates and digital purchases running into gigabytes. Wouldn't it be great, if you could use your cheap, energy-efficient download rig to fetch downloadable content instead? Fortunately, there is a way to do that with the PS3.ProxyServer.

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caseh2636d ago

Not sure if i've got the wrong end of the stick on this one but isn't this just using your PC as a proxy server to connect to the internet? So i'm not actually using my PC to download content.

ChilliDemon2636d ago

It's probably acting as a proxy at first, so the PS3 initiates the download (using its authentication) through the proxy. After that, the PC does the grunt work of downloading the full game to its hard-drive with the PS3 doing nothing, or even turned off. Then, when the download is complete, the PS3 gets the download direct from your PC quickly over your local network. (I'm just surmising here, but I've wondered for a while if this technique would ever be attempted).

GrieverSoul2636d ago

Im not really sure why this article even exist.
Sometimes, the best way to fix a problem is the quickest one. Why not just donwload from your PS3?! lol

The "slow PSN downloads" is something I never understood in peoples rants. I donwload everything from PSn at a 2mb per second. And if a game is offline, the download continues. Not sure why people complain about that.

Ranshak2636d ago

Well some people might want to make the PC download stuff while they are Playing on the PS3.

I personally dont own a PS3, but my brother who does says the download on the PS3 freezes if a game is played at the same time. I could be wrong though.

egidem2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

My PC is hardwired into my router, unlike the PS3 that is doing it over wifi. If I use my PC, downloading stuff goes at about 2.8MB/S as opposed to the PS3's 800KB/S download speed.

Definitely gonna try it and see if it is worth it. If the combined time of (downloading onto PC + PS3 fetching from PC + PS3 installing) is greater than (Downloading to PS3 + installing) then this method would be worthless. :(

Edit: Not worth it! My PS3 still has to fetch the download from my desktop over the network. It instead adds more time rather than saving time. This would have saved time IF the PS3 could install over the network, using the PC like an external drive (still even slower).

I'll stick to the normal method!

Quagmire2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

2mb? Wow, good for you! /s

what about the rest of us who have crap net speeds? Its even worse when downloading from PS3, at least on PC we can get average speeds.

kreate2636d ago

my ps3 download is like 1.5mb to 3 mb per second.
most dlc is like 2-5 seconds downloads.

i know ps3 does not have the fastest download speed but it isnt slow to a point u need to complain about it. let it stand for 10 mins it'll download like 20 hd game trailer videos.

just hating on the ps3 just to hate on? o_0;;

*i have fiber optics. the 2nd level one from verizon. it cost like 90 dollar a month.

egidem2636d ago

Unfortunately yes. Using this method you could download stuff purchased from the store and put it on your computer. I'm currently investigating if this would actually work.

L6RD7BLU32636d ago

EHHH,I'm to lazy to do that. I'm fine with downloading regularly on the ps3 I'm not in a rush.

Agent_hitman2636d ago

Fortunately n4g allowed this kind of article here..

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