Why Gears of War's strengths are its weaknesses

OXM UK: Epic talks building on a successful formula.

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The Meerkat2635d ago

Yup, I bought my first HDTV for Gears.

Inside_out2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Gears needs a FPS version to cater to the massive FPS fanbase that exists outside the TPS Gears world. COD changed everything this gen and while I don't expect everything to be a FPS, It's crazy to me that Epic, who made a living in the FPS realm, have basically shut it out. Bulletstorm was a great game with no multi-player, which was a boneheaded move to not get in the way of their big franchise Gears.

The answer is simple...make a Gears Of war FPS game. Everything is in place except some MP5...AK-47 type of iron sight weapons. Adopt the brutal melee and take downs, that with their third eye perspective would be an easy fit.

Epic is lazy and greedy, hoarding all the money they are making and not getting more IP's out into the market place. If I was a shareholder in that company, I would NOT be happy. They basically have sat around doing nothing as Gears was pushed to September from April.

Cliffy B needs to find a company that will let him make a game. The guy has great ideas and they basically have nothing to show for it. Capcom should let him have a go at Resident Evil, he has some great ideas for that franchise, one of his favorite's.

consolez_FTW2634d ago

"Epic is lazy and greedy, hoarding all the money they are making and not getting more IP's out into the market place"-Inside_Out

It's offical guys! Every company that isn't Activision is lazy and greedy according to Inside_Out.

What are you talking about Cliffy needs to find a company that lets him makes his own game? He is one of the head dudes in charge...what ever, this is a typical Inside_out comment, just disagree and move on..

dgroundwater2634d ago

First he says Gears should give up it's signature style for a FPS version, then he rags on Epic, then he says Resident Evil should be made by more Americans. I am sad.

dirigiblebill2635d ago

There's too much competition in the FPS scene for Epic to swing by with a Gears FPS knock-off. They'd have to do something entirely new, something that moves the goal posts for the genre.

Cmpunk2634d ago

gears = 3rd person unreal tournament the similarities are so much. unreal is better anyways so this proves epic are mindless

omi25p2633d ago

So your opinion is fact. Ok