EA Donates SimCity To One Laptop Per Child

Electronic Arts will donate the original SimCity city-building game to each computer in the non-profit One Laptop Per Child humanitarian initiative, which designs, manufactures and distributes inexpensive laptops to children around the world with the goal of giving every child in the world access to modern education.

The SimCity franchise, which gives players the responsibility of building and maintaining a city, has sold more than 18 million games worldwide, according to EA. It demonstrates the impact of various power sources and provides a socioeconomic simulation, among other features, and EA hopes it will provide children with a way to engage with computers while learning decision-making skills.

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anh_duong4049d ago

makes a lot of sense for poor kids from shanty towns to play around with a sim world containing running water, electricity, proper sewage, motorways and airports when they got access to none of it in reality... don't you just love the benevolence of capitalism...

Jen5en4049d ago

I completely agree with you. Making a fortune on other people's misery...

neogeo4049d ago

thats such a huge donation! that must set EA back a few hundred million. poor EA is going to have to make another 50 madden games to make up the huge loss of profit.

Karebear4049d ago

And play it on a browswer.. Yeah way to go EA. wheeee.

B Man4049d ago

these kids have the internet?

anh_duong4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

all the kids in nigeria seem to be on the internet .. so maybe we shouldn't give them internet access otherwise we be inundated with e-mails from former dictators and rulers of swaziland asking for help j/k