Trend Micro launch PS3 internet Web Security package

As consoles grow more powerful the threat of malware and virus attack increases too, and with many using latest-gen hardware such as the PS3 and Xbox 360 to get online there's a new opportunity for anti-virus vendors to broaden their market base. Mere hours after the announcement of PS3 firmware version 2.0, Trend Micro have launched their Total Web Security Service for the console. It uses the company's existing site blacklists and categories.

Free until April 2008 (after which an as-yet-unknown monthly subscription fee will be charged), categories capable of being blocked include the following: Adult/Sex, Alcohol/Tobacco, Crime, Cults/The Occult, Gambling, Hacking/Proxy Avoidance, Illegal Drugs, Sex Education, Violence/Hate/Racism, Weapons/Military. It's all controlled via a new entry in the PS3 internet browser Tools menu, which you'll need to have the version 2.0 update to see.

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ruibing3995d ago

There are viruses for next gen consoles? What could they do besides corrupt your saved games?

perseus3995d ago

They could use your console as an attack hub against other networks, slowing down your connection, and ending with you arrested and spending 23 years to life in a low-security prison with no hope of ever touching something electric again. Not even a watch.

Or it could be crap. Unless the PS3 comes with no firewall, it should be pretty safe from worms/trojans/etc..

ultraviolentz3995d ago

why would anyone waste time making a virus for the ps3... thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard. making life hard for like 5 people

Lumbo3995d ago


Look at the blabber gang starting to come up with made up virus threads and "no firewall == teh d00m" crap

The software announced is a WEBFILTER for parents to limit web access to "safe" sites for their kids. Its not more than another cybernanny/kidsafe whatever ...

It is not an anti-virus, neither is it a firewall nor some trojan-protection. The part about virus threads is completely made up by the source to sound somewhat more exciting.

perseus3995d ago

"Look at the blabber gang starting to come up with made up virus threads and "no firewall == teh d00m" crap"

Brilliant analysis of my comment, Lumbo. Reading comprehension is essential on the Internet.