110° vs. Xcode – How Sony is doing it wrong

Sony have just released their Playstation Move SDK in the previous US PS Store update, the Dev Kit is likely to come to to the EU Store as well with the next update. The software is called Move.Me, and what you get with Move.Me is a range of developer tools you can use to create your own games or applications using the Playstation Move and Playstation Eye. This software would be perfect to help Sony see how far some people can push the PS Move and really lead to some awesome future innovations with............

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Neko_Mega2636d ago

Isn't their for those we want to develop move games? If so, then would they have no problem paying this?

I don't see what the big deal is, I mean people pay for COD add ons but they get less then what they paid for.

jneul2636d ago

indeed $99 for a developer is very cheap, most gamers would understand that, but like i said if i was a game developer (i am a software one), to me $99 is very cheap, cant wait for to be available in europe because i am paying out for it to develop some cool stuff:-)

Neko_Mega2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Plus people seem to forget that this kind of software isn't cheap at all.

You have to understand this stuff to know why it cost this much and this is alot cheaper. Because a software I can get to make my own characters is about $1,000 dollars. <Not cheap.

Cmpunk2636d ago

sony = little support on move big support on hardcore titles
microsoft = big support on kinect little to no support on hardcore titles

plus move is usable with about every new game out right now

Bigpappy2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

The news today for the Move has been mostly negative. I have not been reading much about the Move lately, and was expecting a big push by Sony to lead into the holiday season.

Sony needs to put some exciting stuff out there, that makes the Move stand out. This stuff should have been as simple as possible to download and install, with and easy to use UI and tutorial. Free would have been great, but a low price would have worked also. $100 is not inviting and only those who think they have a chance to make the money back would even consider it.

@Silly gameAr: Sorry Silly, but I am an N4G member and read and comment on anything that interest me.
I have read all of those Kinect article you where in. I just choose not to comment on your usual hate based comment. It is just a waste of my time. I read some of what you say and just move on. If you find what I have to say here to be a waste of your time, just skip over and move on. My motive for the comment is boring to people like you. You really don't want to hear it.

Silly gameAr2636d ago

Sorry Bigpappy, but shouldn't you be in some Kinect article, or trying to convince people that XBLA games are just as good as retail games?

You've always been an advocate for anything xbox, so why are you interested in Move or Playstation news all of a sudden?

antihiroprotagonist2636d ago

Totally agree with this article. Sony should be giving this software out for free or at minimal cost since it is ultimately to their benefit. My mind is blown by how greedy they are

antihiroprotagonist2635d ago

If I'm getting downvotes for picking a bone with Sony, then fuck you guys. I defend Sony all the time, but they should be subsidizing their development software since the PS3 is already a bit of a pain in the ass to develop for and Sony needs all the love they can get right now. By the way, I am a developer.

IcarusOne2634d ago

I know this is a common theme by now but...imagine the hate if MS was charging $100 for Kinect software...

I am kind of surprised by this because I always thought of Sony as being more open with their games support than anyone. $100 ain't much for a AAA dev, but in principal it seems like a slap across the face. If Sony handed it out for free, that would mean more devs working on breakthrough tech to be incorporated in more Sony games which would sell more units and thus generate more revenue for Sony...

Oh well. What do I know.

HowarthsNJ2633d ago

It's free to students and the like.

Goozex2636d ago

Bigpappy u r the biggest troll in n4g get out of the ps articles and go back Into hibernation.

blackburn102636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Yeah I love how he pretends that he isn't.He is practically Captain Kinect around here. Everything Sony does is wrong in the eyes of fanboys.Every time Sony says the word pay it puts everyone in a frenzy.The development kit probably costs $100.How could you compare it to developing 99 cent Iphone games and simple apps? Sony could cure cancer and everyone would jump in to say how they are did it wrong

cstyle2636d ago

Sony has been doing a lot wrong lately. They are gonna get creamed this holiday.

Hicken2636d ago

Oh? How? With the Vita? Or with Uncharted 3?

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