Crysis demo can look like original '06 footage

The difference between the Crysis original offering and the single-player demo is negligible, but some tweaking is requied. The gun does look like metal. And at maximum detail, on a high spec system you'll produce approximately 15-20 fps. But with some tweaks you can get alot better framerates.

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Crazyglues3999d ago

No Seriously, I bow down before the game and Ask the game gods to please bless me with a PC system worthy of running this game At full spec's the way it was meant to look, -Just like in that video... OMG!

-Oh My God, I am not worthy. That just looked Amazing, Simply Amazing.

This is why I love PC Gaming, Nothing and I mean Nothing Comes close to the PC experience.

The Cry2engine Is Just Breathtaking.

Masta_fro3999d ago

duuuude....calm dooooown. Its funny you got so exited, i actually laughed quite a bit. But yea, game looks amazing. I ran the demo on a 7900gs 2gb ram lappy...its a bit of a system hog. Atleast it runs at around 30fps at 720p.

Kinda makes you wonder how powerful the 360 and ps3 really are when you can run games like this one and ut3 smoothly at 720p all settings maxed...all that on a 7900gs?

ShiftyLookingCow3999d ago

lol you are running smoothly at 720 with all maxed out with 7900GS. hahaha very funny

DeadlyFire3999d ago

The consoles are powerful, but they still have limits. This is all done on the PC with no limits basically. Consoles will always have something holding them back with a PC it can be done better.

These graphics are great and I am still surprised with them. Its the FPS that is troubling me. While consoles use less to keep games at same frame rates the textures and environments are usually smaller files as well. PC games use bigger files.

This FPS thing could just be a ploy by both ATI and NVIDIA to force the market to get 2 or 3 card SLI & Crossfire. It is funny how this is happening when both of them are releasing new chipsets for 3 card support. All the brand new holiday released DirectX 10 games have smaller framerates on average than older games.

JsonHenry3999d ago

I ran the game, with the maxed "Ultra" setting on my PC, and it only slowed down once or twice when the shooting first started. The game looks crazy good though.

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xionpunk3999d ago

Holy hell... that looks insane.


nothing comes close to pc, but there is things that run over it several million times, like ma ps3

Guardian0fPeace3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHA!!!!! That's a good one!! Keep it up mr comedian!! Oh, I got one!!! The 360 owns Apple's 8-core 3.0Ghz Mac Pro computers that have 16GB of RAM and 2 nVidia 8800 Ultra's!!! Isn't that just so cool?! All that power of a $15,000 Mac in a 450$ system!! WOW, THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!

Oh, and it get's even better--THE WII SECRETLY HAS 20 CORES, 1TB RAM, and 8 nVidia 9988000 Ultra's!!! AND IT READS THE SUPER NEXT GEN DVD'S WITH 1TB Capacicity PER LAYER!!! Wow!! Wii DOESN"T NEED TO PLAY DVD'S!! It's the MOST POWERFUL SYSTEM OF ALL TIME!!!

lol, sarcasm is fun stuff ain't it?

JsonHenry3999d ago

The guy is joking, right?

Guardian0fPeace3998d ago

...he may actually believe what he said for all we know...just hope for his sake he's joking, cus if he's not, he's in for major disappointments throughout this generation.

Wii60_FTW3999d ago

I'll wait for the 360 port.

Masta_fro3997d ago

i dont think its coming to 360, although they did just recently said they were investigating ps3 technology, so who knows.

ulath6663998d ago

Looks awesome.
Oh and in the early screens/videos they had motionblur on the weapon(which made no sense since it moves with the players view) and that has been changed to the demo version so thats why the weapon in the "old" screen looks kinda funky

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