Stewart: It's "never been told" how Lara came to be, 'great chance'

Tomb Raider brand manager Karl Stewart explains Crystal Dynamics thinking behind the 're-imagining' of Lara Croft. It's a "great opportunity" to reach new fans.

It's "not about graphical quality," but "how she becomes this person" we've known all these years. Gamers "never really had an attachment" to her before now.

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Inside_out2726d ago

...that is what they should of called that live demo...just amazing and while graphics has not been the main focus of the dev, I would say he is being coy...they spent a small fortune on that CGI trailer made by some of the best people in the biz...

...regardless, the game looks amazing. The subject material is very dark with a gritty performance by one Lara Croft.

Sure the female journalists and gender challenged fanboys were taken aback by all the huffing and puffing and moaning and groaning...and, and...well you know what I mean of the E3 revel trailer but Lara Croft is 21 and certainly aloud to make such noises...O_o...and it was well in line with what was happening in the game. I expect this game will be undeniable...