A step too far? gamer dies from too much gaming

Pixels or Death Daniel Hart writes about "Or in other words he died from sitting down for long lengths of time causing blood clots that eventually gave him deep vein thrombosis."

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CrzyFooL2632d ago

Haven't i seen this story like 5 times?

Spinal2632d ago

He didnt look like the kind to get female attention but he only has himself to blame.

kreate2632d ago

so he died from sitting down. not becuz of video games.

i wonder if ppl sit in a airplane for 10-20 hours straight. if they would die.
than did the plane kill those ppl? o_0;;

Cmpunk2631d ago

gamer's need a social life to i have the best of both i have a great job' an amazing gf who hates games :P and i get to play game's and i chill with mates and have fun to, this is the type of lifestyle that gamers need

Spinal2632d ago

When will they learn to take it easy. Games aint goin anywhere u can always come back to it.

NuclearDuke2631d ago

He died because he is fat, not because he gamed or sat down for a long time.

I've once in my life sat around 30 hours without moving my legs playing video games, namely World of Warcraft upon an expansion launch - and I didn't die.

Overweight, simply caused his death.

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thebudgetgamer2632d ago

moral of the story, get off your ass.

mcsm2632d ago ShowReplies(4)
Otheros002632d ago

Too bad he won't get to see the sun disappear on "September 26, 2011".

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The story is too old to be commented.