No PS4, Xbox 720 before 2014, says Skyrim boss

"Consumers are happy" with current hardware, claims Bethesda's Howard

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jony_dols2638d ago

Looks like I'll be getting a Wii U to keep me mulled over till next gen.

In my opinion after The Last Guardian releases (hopefully we'll get a 2012 release date at TGS), this gen is dead. Just like the way SOTC signaled the end of the last gen.

Hell even after Mass Effect 3 goes to retail in Spring, there isn't that much left to look forward to.

I want next gen consoles released in 2013.

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hamoor2638d ago

I think the idea that if there is games coming for the current gen DOESN'T mean that no new console will release untill those games are out.

Hell! God of war 2 released after the launch of the ps3.

jony_dols2638d ago

The thing is that Sony didn't announce any big titles for the PS3 in the long run at E3. They mostly showed their games that will be releasing soon.

Back towards the end of the PS2 cycle, gamers still had something look to, with games such as God of War 2. Unfortunately gamers this gen don't have the games to fill the 18 month void between mid-2012 & 2014

Silly Mammo2638d ago

I might be slammed for being a PC fanboy, but how about upgrading your PC and finding out what all the fuss is about with PC gaming? :0)

gillri2638d ago

what fuss? there very little point in having the extra power if no develoeprs are pushing it

i have a powerful PC but its for 3D work mainly

Silly Mammo2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I'm not sure what is in development for the PC in the future, but a lot games coming out soon will most likely be better on the PC. Games like BF3, Rage, Skyrim will have better graphics and the mod community behind them. I'm not trying to be confrontational, but alot of people on NGP state to be a real gamer you have all the consoles/platforms. The PC is another platform. If people are eager for the next gen console, why not drop some $$ into upgrading their existing or buying a new PC?

frostypants2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I've been a PC gamer as long as I've been a console gamer...for-freaking-ever. For a long time, I heavily favored the PC. These days, I just don't see as big of an advantage as there used to be. Once consoles discovered online gaming and polygon-based graphics, the lines started to fade.

Consoles have their benefits, and I'm ready for them to bump up the horsepower.

Even with that said...yeah, I definitely have a PC upgrade in my near future.

kreate2637d ago

sly cooper
last guardian
final fantasy 14
final fantasy versus 13
the game from blueside
guerilla's new project
quantic dreams new project
there was a mmo game in the works
few more jrpg games

all 2012 and beyond. its from the top of my head.

xbox only has halo 4 in 2012 and beyond but i dont see anyone complaining about the xbox having no games o_0;;

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Tachyon_Nova2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

If there isn't, I would like to bet that the hardcore gaming industry will collapse to pre-PS1 levels. In 3 years time the PS3 and 360 will be so outdated that there will be phones/tablets/handhelds approaching or exclipsing their levels of graphics and features. I can't see how it is going to be sustainable for developers to develop for the hardware considering the enormous constraints they will be under.

I would like to bet however that both Microsoft and Sony will have next-gen consoles on the market some time next year.

If you look at 2005's PS2 line-up, Sony landed all of these major exclusives/; Gran Turismo 4, God of War, Shadow of Colossus, Sly 3, Indigo Prophecy, Socom 3, Ratchet: Deadlocked (AKA Ratchet: Gladiator) and it was also a mege year for multiplatform games as well. The PS3 of course came along the very next year.

If you look at this year, we've got PS3 exclusives like LBP2, Killzone 3, Motorstorm 3, Socom 4, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, etc. If you follow the pattern, we will have a PS4 next year.

pr0digyZA2638d ago

Wasn't indigo prophecy aka fahreinheit multiplatform, definately played it on PC.

Tachyon_Nova2638d ago

True, it was also on Xbox now that I think of it. Still though, the similarity in the situations is pretty inescapable.

user83971442638d ago

Good because I'm not ready to buy a whole new console.

starchild2638d ago

Maybe not yet, but I would think most of you would at least be ready by the end of 2012 or 2013.

beavis4play2638d ago

2013 at the earliest for me. i may even wait a little longer - there are many games i haven't had the time to get to that i'll be able to pick up for a few dollars by that time.

BeOneWithTheGun2638d ago

Well it depends, though. If new consoles are backwards compatible and do what a ps3 does in the sense of taking a DVD and up-scaling it then I would like a new console soon. Say, God of War 4 comes out for ps3 and it is 30 fps and 720p but if you play it on the ps4 it up-scales it and you get twice the frame rate and maybe even 1080p then I am sold.

Cmpunk2638d ago

this has been a pretty dissapointing gen tbh and the consoles we have now are old compared to the pc's now it's time we update we need a new gen

Getowned2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I don't feel this gen was dissapointing but i've never played soo many shooters in my life,if it was dissapointing it's because everyone focused on multiplayer and beating COD.

I've played some amazing games this gen like: Dead Space,Uncharted,Portal,Shogun 2,Red dead,super mario galaxy,mass effect,batman:AA,Assasins creed,Dragon age origins,Battlefield badcompany 2,COD4,infamous,warhawk,Gears, Halo,Starcraft,LBP,Heavy rain,Demon Souls,MGS4,God of war,killzone,resistance,L4D,Tr ine,BioShock and more!!! many of these games have great sequels as well or have some coming out as well i haven't named any games due to release but i think this gen have been great tho too many cod wanna be's and Fps..before this gen ends i hope to see a Dead space 3(i really like dead space games very under rattled imo),a new Half-life game but this gen hasn't sucked i will admit a tiny bit of suckieness but it's been good.

theonlylolking2638d ago

Then dont buy it. You dont have to buy a console right when it comes out.

frostypants2638d ago

A lot of people have this weird psychological thing where not only are they not ready for a new console, they can't stand the thought of anyone else getting one either.

qwertyz2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

i believe MS will contract IBM to help them develop a high performance arm ISA based cpu why ?because

ARM is an ISA. Having an architecture license (as opposed to a core license) means you can design a core at any performance level you want. Nothing other than resources (money/talent) limits one to design ARM cores on par with power or x86.

ARM's off the shelve cores (cortex a9/a15 etc) may not achieve that level of performance any time soon since ARM isnt targeting those markets; if you want something way more powerful, or something specialized for a very specific set of applications (think Cell), you get an architecture license so you can design it yourself. Precisely what MS did. Oh and nvidia too btw.

Think this through; whats the upside of using x86 in console? That its compatible with windows software. That might have been great, but MS is already porting windows OS and its own software to ARM, so they will have that with ARM too (and why would they bother otherwise).

Whats the problem with x86? Aside from all the unneeded complexity and legacy that comes with it, MS cant own the IP for an x86 chip. They can make whatever deal they want with AMD, as Im sure they do for the GPU, but MS will not be able to transfer their x86 CPU design somewhere else for a next version, as AMD can not license or sell what it doesnt own (x86). MS would therefore risk all on AMDs future (they cant be that stupid) or need to make a deal with intel.. to be able to use AMD chips? Right.

Here is how I see it: MS is porting full blown consumer windows to ARM for uncertain reasons (clearly not to run on phones, or a handful of tablets), its purchased an expensive license that allows it to compete headon with intel and amd. One and one makes two.

Now its true we havent heard much of MS working on a high performance ARM core, so either this is a long way off, or they are keeping a very close lid on it, or, and this is my WAG: they struck a deal with nVidia. Just like Apple takes Samsung's ARM designs and tweaks them for their use, MS will license or buy nVidia's project Denver design and if needed, tweak it for their own needs.

I'm thinking maybe MS would contract IBM to develop a power7 arm derivative. IBM is good at this type of stuff

If they simply go with powerpc and want the nextbox to run windows 8(they are already hinting at this) because they want to unify xbox and pc, they would have to port windows to powerpc which would be a pain in the arse and a waste of time considering the fact that they've already ported windows and windows software to arm.

I think nextbox would launch late 2012 or sometime in 2013 same with ps4. sony may go multicore with ps4 probably use a power7 because it is many many times more powerful than the ps3 cell and much easier to code for. that is the 2010 version the power7+ looks to be even more powerful and IBM can even work on it further for ps4

k jules2638d ago

Your whole comment is useless, since consoles don't use x86 cores, but PPC architecture. Get your facts straigt before you go on to create a whole stupid theory based on it.

SkullBlade1692638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

You clearly don't know very much about hardware. The original Xbox uses an x86 chip. PS1 used a RISC chip, Genesis used a 68000 chip. GBA/DS/3DS use ARM chips. PS2 uses a custom CPU architecture developed by Sony. Console developers can use whatever they damn well please, PowerPC is simply the current most popular for home consoles.

Get YOUR facts straight, and learn how to spell.

frostypants2638d ago

I'm pretty confident that Sony is going to go with the Cell architecture again with the PS4. In theory it should actually keep costs down, since they already have the facilities and economies of scale on their side. And development issues have become less and less of a factor.

hamoor2638d ago

I am TOTALY ready for a next gen.

Sure, so what if there is still some good games on the horizon??
not like the new consoles will make a magical barrier to prevent me from buying the current gen games.

Besides, I wanna be blown away and get the "WOOOOOW" feeling again.

first in this gen it was when I played my first next gen game, oblivion.
Then the feeling came again with bioshock 1.
Annd the last game that blew me away was uncharted 2.
After that it getting really stale.

and not about graphics, but in gameplay too.

The Meerkat2638d ago

I agree fully with you.

Oblivion took games to a whole new level.

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