Just How Many Game Studios Does Sony Own, Anyway?

The company doesn't often get much credit for this, but one of the biggest reasons for Sony's success in the video game industry is not its hardware, but in the breadth and scope of its first-party studios.

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Rrobba2634d ago

Let me think..1..2..3...A LOT!

I LOVE GAMES2634d ago

Just How Many Game Studios Does Sony Own, Anyway?

your answer


Bereaver2634d ago

"The company doesn't often get much credit for this"

Is kotaku kidding? I mean, the word EXCLUSIVE has been beaten to death in the world of PS3. It's the #1 reason why I have one.

norman292634d ago

"Is kotaku kidding?"

The kotaku bit is your answer

vitz32634d ago

I won't give kotaku the hit. They're still hurt over the Blacklisting Sony rightfully gave them. They're just trolling. If this was a MS blog post then it'd be all pros.

egidem2634d ago

..And this is something that Sony is doing that no other companies are: having a huge library of impressive games only available from your console. Keyword HUGE.

AngryTypingGuy2634d ago

I wish Microsoft would do the same thing. It's not like they don't have the money. Sure, they have Halo and Gears which outsell almost if not all Sony exclusives, but they won't stay hot forever. Sony shows that they have a long term investment in TRUE first party exclusives. Good for Sony, they deserve the success they get.

meetajhu2634d ago

They forgot to buy "Ready at Dawn"

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davidmccue2634d ago

16 studio's across Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia.

Ulf2634d ago

You forgot SOE's studios.

Mr Patriot2634d ago Show
Capt-FuzzyPants2634d ago

WHATTTTTTTTT ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!! it... it must be a mistake.

TheTwelve2634d ago

In the future, it will be made clear that owning these studios is like owning streets in Monopoly.

Undeadwolfy2634d ago

Sony OWN the Community Chest. See what I did thar?

showtimefolks2634d ago


before MM and sucker punch they were at 20

showtimefolks2634d ago


and the way SE is going someone will have to buy them soon enough since sony owns so much stock already why not

GameSpawn2634d ago

Roughly 8% and number three slot according to Square's own investor website.

However, Yasuhiro Fukushima is number one shareholder at 20% with what I assume is a company of his at number two slot with slightly more shares than Sony.

I believe Sony got their stock in Square back in the day with the Final Fantasy 7 publishing deal. Note Sony owns a large share of the rights to Final Fantasy 7 and its characters, hence not "much" appearance of FF7 characters in Square games on other consoles; I believe Cloud and Sephiroth are in KH games on the DS.


Peaceful_Jelly2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I don't get it... The Enix portion is the one that owns the most shares in Square-Enix? I thought it was Square who bought Enix but it seems the merge wasn't mutual because Enix is the one with the most power.

In other words, it was Enix who fucked up Square? 0__0

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zeddy2634d ago

the reason i'll get the ps4 first instead of the 720 or whatever they'll call it. people appreciate a good developer just like they know a good movie director, they know what there're going to get, which is a quality product.

FaulkinPunch2634d ago

How many games studios does sony own?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

(hint, sony...nows your chance to spoof geico commercials with kevin butler)


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Laypoof2634d ago

Keep 'em coming Sony! They need to acquire Quantic Dreams and Insomniac if it's not too late

Sevir042634d ago

Insomniac was approached by sony years ago and they humbly declined. They want to stay independent, and they just opened up a studio in NC in 2008, thats putting out Ratchet:A4O this fall. They have become too big for Sony, and they want to do multiplats. They'll still be doing exclusives for Sony so they are Second party.

Quantic Dream, Yes Please! :-)

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Omar912634d ago

Last time I heard it was 16 I believe?

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Ulf2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I'm not seeing 25 1st party Nintendo studios on wikipedia? Am I reading it wrong?

Sony has more like 20. SOE owns a few that aren't included in the 16 on wikipedia's SCE page.

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