Burnout Crash: Another Example Of EA Being Lazy Or Smart?

360 Magazine: Is EA cleverly leveraging content, or just being a bit lazy?

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Yi-Long2685d ago

Smart? No.

If they wanted to be lazy AND smart, they should have just released a Burnout 3 HD.

Dailynch2685d ago

I wouldn't mind that so much. Doesn't mean they're being clever tho.

DeadlyFire2685d ago

Umm..... Last franchise that released oddball side game was Red Faction. Now THQ is killing it or claim too. EA Crash is same kinda thing. As long as they don't claim Crash is the reason they are not making more Burnout games.

TBM2685d ago

I thought it was up to the developers what types of games they wanted to created not the publishers. I think if someone needs to be bashed over burnout crash its criterion they came up with this abomination of a burnout game not EA who are just funding it.

EA should be bashed over many things like every other publisher, but in the end its the developers who should bare the brunt of the bashing for this horrible burnout game. Criterion what were you thinking?

Biglet2685d ago

It depends on whether the studio is wholly owned by the publisher and what the relationship is. I don't know how much independence Criterion retained when EA bought it a few years ago, but as long as it's not a hostile takeover creative control is usually negotiated.

Sugreev20012685d ago

Criterion is being lazy,why would you club EA into this equation ? They publish the games,the developers have to come up with ideas to get the budget from the publisher to make games like Burnout Paradise,and obviously they didn't have anything better than this.I absolutely adore Criterion,and the Burnout is my favorite arcade racing series of all time...and Crash is a massive disappointment.