Study: The most disappointing games of 2011 so far - Duke Nukem Forever on top

It may come as no surprise to most, but Duke Nukem Forever has been voted the "most disappointing video game release" of the last 12 months in a new study conducted by gaming marketplace and research company Playr2.

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Rrobba2634d ago

Agreed - Duke Nukem Forever was very disappointing.

The Meerkat2634d ago

Was Dead Space 2 bad?

I see its price has dropped to about £20 and was thinking of getting it.

MOTY2634d ago

Dead Space 2 was awesome. Graphic wise it's even more polished than the 1st with even better environments. However, the Story was much much scarier in the 1st but still a great story in the 2nd. I highly recommend you picking it up at such a low price. Well worth it.

Cal6642634d ago

God knows who they asked L.A. Noire, Dead Space 2 and Undead Nightmare! Must've been a Modern Warfare forum.