Is the most promising PES in years good enough to take on FIFA 12?

PES 2012 is the best game the series has seen in many years. In truth the franchise has been stumbling ever since it came across from the PS2 to this generation, with even the most recent entries failing to live up to (or come anywhere close to) PES during its golden era. PES 2012, for better or worse, finally feels like PES again, which is a big step in the right direction.

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Yi-Long2631d ago

... but the last couple of years it's mostly been positive previews and lots of empty promises, and in the end it just didn't have that magic that earlier games like PES4 and 5 had... Sadly.

... so personally, I'll probably get FIFA12, as that's been the better game the last couple of years. I do hope PES will make a return to form, but the last 5-6 years have made me a bit bitter.

OcelotRigz2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Im the same, after been let down so many times now im very skeptical on positive previews for PES.
I'll wait til i play it myself before i really get my hopes up.

I disagree with a lot of points in this preview.
This for example:
"...changes here still feels like baby steps compared to what EA is doing with FIFA this year, and in years previous"
Except for a major overhaul about 3 years ago, FIFA has been the same every year with such insignificant changes. Whereas PES, as bad as it has been, made major changes.

Another point:
"...but FIFA again goes further with its Vision Wheel, accurately modelling each and every player's ability to pick a pass."
Whaaa? If there is one thing FIFA sorely lacks its individuality, even with all their promises and fancy terms its still the same. Everyone is the same. At its worst, PES still has player individuality.

Anyway, commercially, PES wont "beat" FIFA anytime soon, but as for quality and focus on gameplay, i reckon, or at least hope, PES will be good this year and beat FIFA, for me. Im screwed for a decent footie game if it aint.

Ares902631d ago

Is this article saying that this PES will be better than PES6??

BlmThug2631d ago

No. Fifa 11 sold 15 million copies