Suikoden Dead?; Konami Working On Another Title

Gamer interviewed Konami and the company is working on a game called Frontier Gate. This is not good news for any Suikoden fans.

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Lucreto4317d ago

Suikoden had a different director for all the Games.

Tierkreis doesn't even count as it is Suikoden in name only and has nothing to do with the previous games. Continuity was the strong point of the games and Tierkreis didn't have it.

Lets hope the original creator managed to get the rights to make a new game.

Chrono4317d ago

Tierkreis wasn't bad, it surely isn't better than the main games, but it's still an enjoyable JRPG. I think this is one of the reason why Konami won't make a new one. Fans will keep comparing it to the old games and will never be satisfied.

Lucreto4317d ago

I am not denying it was a good game but it shouldn't have had the Suikoden name on it.

MightyMark4274317d ago

still hoping for a next-gen Suikoden...

falloutx4317d ago

I'm still waiting for Suikoden 2 to be available on the PSN.

tiffac4317d ago

God! I wish they revive this series. Suikoden II is one of the best JRPG in the PS1 era.

KingofGambling4316d ago

An announcement at Tokyo Game Show Suikoden VI for the PS3