Nintendo selling flawed hardware - should gamers boycott the 3DS

Microsoft did the right thing when its hardware failed on such a major level. Perhaps Nintendo need to take a leaf from their book over new 3DS SSoD issues.

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RaidensRising2636d ago

A price drop is useless if there is an inherent flaw in the hand held's design which causes permanent scratches. Sort it out Nintendo as this is really poor.

Muletroid2636d ago

this is the first time i have ever even heard about this

people are supposed to boycott the 3DS over this? REALLY?

egidem2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

My thoughts exactly. People are blowing this out of proportion to lengths that they want to boycott the 3DS?? Come on! If you compare this to say RRoD, this is nothing to be pissed about.

On the same topic shit seems to be falling at Nintendo Land lately. The revenue losses, unsatisfying 3DS sales, it looks like these guys aren't catching a break with the 3DS at all.

Let's hope the price drop gets these guys (3DSs) selling.

zootang2636d ago

You can't compare this to RRod maybe to the Xbox360 disc scratching but MS did nothing about that.

Saladfax2636d ago

It's nowhere near as crippling to the system and ability to play as RRoD was, but if it effects a larger percentage of units in a shorter time span, some folks might consider it to be just as bad.

darthv722636d ago

Seriously....? WTF kind of way to start is that. They estimated 4mil units and came up short at 3.6mil. Yeah...that is a MAJOR failure /s

Get real man. Nintendo is doing great with the unit. It's only real competition is the popularity of the DS/DSi. What they should be doing is changing the marketing focus to the 3ds and heavily promote that it does what the ds/dsi do plus more.

The price drop is really the original price point they wanted (rumored) but opted to see if selling it higher would work considering the popularity of the whole "DS" family.

failure my ass!

SilentNegotiator2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

It's not a system I plan to get anyway, but I don't think boycotting is really the right way to go. If you really want a 3DS, wait for a new SKU and hope they're going to fix the issue.

"Get real man. Nintendo is doing great with the unit. It's only real competition is the popularity of the DS/DSi"
It's only real competition is the DS? That's news to me, considering another certain handheld outsold the 3DS on several occasions this year.

darthv722636d ago

The way the companies work is more than just beating the other guy. It's about surpassing their own products.

A good example would be the iphone. Each release has seen an increase model over model. Not many companies can do that.

Nintendo is such a company where they have increased sales model over model from the original gameboy through the gba and ds. You may see the psp as competition and it rightfully is yet nintendo is going for sales of enough units to replace all other previous units they've sold. THAT is the ultimate goal for a companies product line.

Would you disagree that sony's biggest competition is itself with the extreme popularity of the ps2? Those kind of numbers are what sony is after. Seeing the ps2 surpass the ps1 it is obvious they would like to see the ps3 surpass the ps2. It's only logical.

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RaidensRising2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

So... because you've personally never heard of the problem, it doesn't exist. See links.

Point is, until Nintendo man up and accept it's a design or manufacturing flaw and offer replacement or repair under warranty then yes I agree consumers should boycott the 3DS.

Consumers wanting to pick up a 3DS after the price drop should wait until this issue is fixed at manufacturing level.

Muletroid2636d ago

no it means this is the first time i have ever actually heard about this like i clearly wrote up there... -___-

this isn't even some huge flaw like the RROD was its not even close to that whatsoever
some people having a few minor issues with anything is no reason to go boycotting the thing
so suggesting a boycott is ridiculous

dredgewalker2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

My brothers 3DS screen had these scratches too. I think people wouldn't really mind if they scratched the screen themselves but to have the hardware scratch itself is a design flaw that shouldn't happen. If the scratches on the screen become severe it will definitely have an effect on your view while gaming.I don't know how widespread this is but Nintendo should take a look at it cause it might really affect their sales when they are at a crucial time.

Edit: I'm not agreeing with the boycott thing cause I think this is still fixable. It's annoying but not as severe as hardware failure.

EYEamNUMBER12636d ago

the windows phone 7 i have got scratched just from being in my pocket im gonna boycott microsoft now

btw in case a few of you einsteins can't tell im being SARCASTIC

Dakidog2636d ago

...Do you realize how stupid the comparison was in your comment?

Fuck the doesn't fit the situation and if you need me to explain...please do reply.

EYEamNUMBER12636d ago

xbox site complaining about a so called design flaw that causes scratches calling for a boycott of 3DS

i made a joke about how my WP7 got scratched (badly btw) just from being in my pocket calling for a sarcastic boycott of microsoft

its a justifiable comparison why? because im blowing things out of proportion
my phone getting scratched up simply from being in my pocket for a few minutes would = into a major design flaw and despite the fact that WP7 are designed by the phone companies that sell them its a microsoft branded product
HENCE why im blowing things out of proportion and hence why it fits the situation

would be no different than making a sarcastic joke about the zune

Saladfax2636d ago

That's a pretty nasty design defect. Generally speaking, if you're using and carrying the device as intended, it shouldn't develop anything more than wear and tear over time.

If numerous or all units become damaged because of a design flaw, that's not a good thing. Now, if your Windows 7 phone became scratched because of poor construction or inferior materials, I could see a complaint.

There's a huge difference between damage caused by wear and tear/user error and design defect.

Dakidog2636d ago

"There's a huge difference between damage caused by wear and tear/user error and design defect."

Saladfax gets could blow all you want out of proportion, doesn't change the fact that it's two completely different situations.

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CrazyForGames2636d ago

this site has been doing nothing but slamming the 3DS I MIGHT be confusing it with another XBOX site though so because of that i don't really buy what they are preaching

this seems like its a problem for the people who ARE affected but to compare it to the RROD come on now lets not go overboard

fatstarr2636d ago

everyone call NASA, Google, the us government and Microsoft we have a problem on a high level, its comparable to the red lights of death, the sony playstation hax, exploding 360's over heating ps3's, yellow lights of death... its called ____ its when your screen MAY scratch your other screen on your 3ds... its the biggest flaw of any console of this century...

we must boycott not because the console is expensive ... not because there is a lack of games... no nintendo fixed that we have nothing left but this new problem is the answer... what ever it takes to kill nintendo...


N4g_null2636d ago

LoL a Ms lead boycott sweet lol. 3ds has been on thE plan 12 times no scratches yet Hmmmm. Why not just shut the thing?

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DrRichtofen2636d ago

ehh... must be a slow day over at xbox world.

yewles12636d ago

"Microsoft did the right thing when its hardware failed on such a major level."

...anyone else want to touch this? *runs*

firemassacre2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

"Nintendo selling flawed hardware"

i don't think should be entitled to make statements like that, because the irony is thick.

qwertyz2636d ago

i think the 3d is causing health problems(eye problems in particular) for SOME gamers.consoles are FAIL in general though :p pc ftw!

Seferoth752636d ago

LOL Yeah seeing in 3D causes eye problems.... Good thing the world is 2D so we dont have to deal with things li9ke 3D in the real world...

Anon19742635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

According to the American Optometric Association, 3D isn't causing problems, it's highlighting problems that were already there that may not have been diagnosed.

These doctors stated that 3D is "a safe and appropriate technology for all viewing audiences" and "may actually help uncover subtle disorders that, left uncorrected, often result in learning difficulties."

In the case of the 3DS the group of 36,000 optomotrists said "children younger than six can use the 3DS in 3D mode if their visual system is developing normally."

Neo Nugget2636d ago

"Nintendo really need to show that like Microsoft, they are serious about keeping their customers and loyal fanbase happy..."

Ahhaaha! Good one, guys! *wipes tear* Whoo, that was great...

jozzah2636d ago

Absolutely nothing wrong with the hardware. Does exactly what it said it would. Just need more games to come out now!

firemassacre2636d ago

loz ocarina of time is incredible.

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