Sony Looking to Win Big at the 2011 Hacking Awards

The BlackHat USA security conference kicks off later today in Las Vegas, and will be attracting some of the world's top hackers and online security experts. As part of the festivities, every year an awards night is held called the "Pwnies".

They exist to celebrate and publicly ridicule "the achievements and failures of security researchers and the security community", and while companies like Microsoft and Google are predictably up for awards, even more predictably, Sony is in a league of its own.

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golsilva2726d ago

that was a pretty insulting article. i would think a big gaming site like kotaku would have a little class and at least report the facts without any ridicule.

rdgneoz32726d ago

There's two things I never thought I'd see in the same sentence, Kotaku and class.

GrieverSoul2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

There should be an award for people that talk big but flee at the sight of settlement. Ya know, just for the lulz...

OOOORRRR.... an award for unemployed programmers that have an agenda against a big company that didnt hire them back in the days...

OOOORRRR.... an award for the bigget FAIL in protest history that was that one guy of anonynmous standing alone at a SONY store.

Ya know... just for giggles.

PS: Stay classy Kotaku. Your site is a joke amongst the industry.

MaxOpower2726d ago

Why would that be insulting?...

I'm pretty sure Sony know they did bad. It's like when the Raspberry awards are given, some actors act cool, withe class, gets up on stage and receive the award. Others flip, or don't even show up.

I hope someone from Sony will be there to receive the award. That they embrace it, and that they don't ignore their mistakes.

2726d ago
blackburn102726d ago

Yeah I am sure anyone cares

newleaf2726d ago

Let the number of comments and heat this article generates prove your statement...wrong

firemassacre2726d ago

units (2) | 1h ago

go figure eh, -_-

Gon0S2726d ago

Kotaku bashing SONY ? it it really new ?

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