Opinion: Why The Diablo III Backlash Got Overheated

Gamasutra: Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris examines the backlash from this week's controversial Diablo III news, stating Blizzard "doesn't make decisions rashly" and those vowing boycotts "are blowing smoke."

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NuclearDuke2632d ago

He is right. People can complain and deny that players actually want a $-based auction house, but it's obviously true if you know the widespread item-&-goldselling business in Diablo II. As mentioned, it's optional, however - what isn't mentioned is how the dollar currency will affect the gold currency. Unless Blizzard has prepared gold-only purchases of a large scale, they might have a problem with the gold economy as the value of gold will decreasing so rapidly that you are forced into buying item by spending real life currency. An unfortunate thing and hopefully, Blizzard already have their foot on this.

a08andan2632d ago

I don't think you will be able to purchase gold from Blizzard. But players will be able to sell gold, so the value of the gold will sort itself out :)

NuclearDuke2632d ago

You will not be able to purchase gold from Blizzard and neither will you be able to sell gold. So the value of gold will not "sort itself out" neither would it if the possibility mentioned was possible. The value of gold will be decreased as every major item will be sold for $. Players who are not using the $ auction house will not be able to acquire some of the better and more rare equipment as they will never be put for sale on the gold auction house. Sure, farming it and trading with friends is an option, but far from something that will happen if you can make money on this.

Perjoss2632d ago

Not calling anyone a liar, but from what I've read, all transactions in this new auction house will be anonymous, there is no way of knowing if the items or gold you are buying are from another player or from Blizzard themselves, unless I've missed some detail along the way...

a08andan2632d ago

@Nuc: Ye I was mistaken, but the "fee" that Blizzard will take on every single auction, no matter if you sell or not, will prevent prices and value to drop to an absolute 0. No one will put up an auction that costs, lets say 1 dollar, to sell an item for 1/10th of that.

But we will see how it all turns out! I think the AH is a great idea :)

And since players can sell items that they find, they will be able to build an e-balance (As blizz calls it) so they will be able to purchase items from the $ auction house.


firemassacre2632d ago

is diablo 3 coming to ps3? would like to know.

NuclearDuke2632d ago

They mentioned possibilities for console versions, however - it is not on the table and it would take them quite some time to perfect it to a console environment. Also, they need to decrease graphics, blood & gore so it can fit into a TEEN-category to cater the casual kids, then they need to limit the amount of settings available, implement controller options and lower the amount of games modes from three to one 'Terribad'.

nanometric2631d ago

More appropriate question would be – is it coming out at all?

wallis2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

As bioware said in their response to the DAII backlas,

"Anger is better than apathy".

And it is. People go on about how gamers are a bunch of whiny pricks but we only whine because we care. There's a serious misunderstanding of how the process as a whole works. The truth is gamers invest as much of their time and effort into playing games as developers put into making games. We spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on systems, consoles, wires, peripherals, hand helds, tv sets, computers and on and on. We grapple with bugs and sink thousands of hours into our saves.

We wait patiently for sequels. Sometimes a year... sometimes a decade. And we invest ourselves into the characters and stories involved and have to accept, quite normally, that the game will just stop mid arc and leave those characters paused in time while we wait for some kind of closure.

The games belong as much the players as it does to the creators. I don't know much about diablo but I do know that I think it's unfair so say the boycotters are "blowing smoke".

At the end of the day we don't have much power. We put so much into these games and we really have to put our trust into developers to ensure they treat the material with respect, because it's as much ours as it is theirs. Without us there would be no games.

When people watch something they've waited years for being severely changed in a way that upsets them they feel betrayed, but they have no power. All they can do is try and boycott the game but even that is like like throwing frozen peas at a goliath.

You shouldn't dismiss peoples' passion in such a disrespectful way. It's those same people "blowing smoke" who played diablo the day it was released, and who endured the fatally difficult cow level on diablo II. Maybe they're wrong, maybe they're right, I don't know. Like I said I'm not into diablo... but they're just people who want to make sure that the game they've waited bloody years is what they want.

Blizzard gets the millions of dollars. That's their end of the deal. We get the game. I don't think it's unfair that some people want to make sure they don't get screwed on their end of the deal.